Africa Partner Country Network

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APCN (Africa Partner Country Network) is an online community of Civilian, Military, Interagency, Partner Nation, International Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, and Academia that are interested in promoting enhanced cooperation between African nations, capacity building in support of the African Union, and promoting African solutions to African challenges.

APCN Communities
  • Accountability Colloquium (AC)

    Accountability Colloquium (AC)

    The Accountability Colloquium focus on issues related to accountability under the Law of Armed Conflict (a.k.a. International Humanitarian Law), as well as discussions, and syndicate exercises addressing military justice, command responsibility, UN operati
    Last Activity: over 1 year ago
    7 members
  • Africa C4 Community

    Africa C4 Community

    AFRICOM sponsored community for Africa focused C4 cross-talk and collaboration.
    Last Activity: over 3 years ago
    23 members
  • Africa Distribution Network Forum

    Africa Distribution Network Forum

    Africa Distribution Network Forum is a logistics forum of coalition partners trying to solve logistical problems on the continent of Africa.
    Last Activity: 6 months ago
    22 members


    is an annual, US government-sponsored Command, Control, Communications and Computer (C4) Senior Signal Leader Symposium .
    993 members
  • Africa Logistics Council

    Africa Logistics Council

    A strategic logistics council comprised of senior leaders collaborating to eliminate redundancy and optimize common logistics activities across Africa.
    53 members
  • Africa Logistics Forum

    Africa Logistics Forum

    Annual forum of senior logistics professionals meeting to examine logistics challenges in Africa’s security sector with a goal to implementing simple solutions required to support response to crises.
    91 members
  • Africa Military Law Forum (AMLF)

    Africa Military Law Forum (AMLF)

    The Mission of the African Military Law Forum is to provide a forum for legal professionals who work in or with African Militaries to promote rule of law within each country’s military. Members share information and increase their understanding of rule of
    Last Activity: 2 months ago
    13 members
  • Africa Mission Support Division

    Africa Mission Support Division

    AFRICOM sponsored community for AFRICOM J5 Mission Support Division Coordination.
    13 members
  • Africa Partnership Station (APS)

    Africa Partnership Station (APS)

    Building maritime safety and security in Africa through training, partnerships, and cooperation.
    223 members
  • African Air Chiefs Symposium (AACS)

    African Air Chiefs Symposium (AACS)

    The purpose of this group is to foster cooperation and build relationships amongst African Air Forces and the U.S. Air Force. Additionally, this forum will be used to accomplish action items decided by the African Air Chiefs and plan the annual symposium.
    76 members