Welcome to the Coalition Capabilities Exchange Meeting (CCEM) public landing site.


The next Coalition Capability Exchange Meeting (CCEM) is planned for 10 – 14 July 2017 at the Smart Conference Center (SCC), Joint Base Andrews sponsored by DISA Coalition Services. Please share this information with all Coalition Partners who are actively working in support of coalition information sharing.

OVERVIEW: The purpose and scope of the CCEM is to provide a venue for Coalition Mission Partners, stakeholders, and sponsors to share information about the technology space and interoperability challenges encountered when sharing information with mission partners. The CCEM consists of a series of presentations, breakout sessions, and discussions that can influence how the coalition information sharing problem is viewed and addressed. Due to the amount of information to be covered during the CCEM, sessions will begin on Monday, 10 July. Please plan travel accordingly.

CLASSIFICATION: The CCEM classification level is UNCLASSIFIED. No VAR is required; however, Coalition Partners must submit a Foreign Visit Request (FVR) to DIA through normal channels. Ms. Mai-Tai Galloway (contact info listed in POCs below) is the U.S. Government “Knowledgeable US Point of Contact” for the FVR.

BASE ACCESS: A U.S. Common Access Card (CAC) can be used to access Joint Base Andrews. Base Access Instructions for attendees without a CAC will be provided in the future.

AGENDA: Conference dates are 10 – 14 July with sessions typically starting at 0800 and ending at 1630. Please submit agenda topics recommendations to the POCs listed below.

BREAKOUT SESSIONS: Breakout rooms will be available throughout the CCEM. Requests to use a breakout room should be sent to the POCs listed below and should include the following information: requestor name, organization, topic, duration, and preferred day/time.

REGISTRATION: The registration link is available here.



Mai-Tai Galloway: 301-225-8476; Mai-Tai.L.Galloway.civ@mail.mil

Kelly L. O’Neill: 301-225-5042; Kelly.L.ONeill4.ctr@mail.mil

Yier Shi: 301-225-5402; Yier.Shi.ctr@mail.mil