The purpose of this group is to provide a gateway to the SPARTAN series of exercises hosted by the WPC for the USAF, Joint and Coalition Air, Land, Sea, Space, and Cyber Forces in the LVC Community in an Unclassified Forum available to all our partner nations. We supply collaborative planning tools and resources available throughout the exercise lifecycle. We provide the expertise, manning, models, networks, and tools to present the full spectrum constructive environment for live and virtual integration to satisfy training objectives.  Check the events tab to see the calendar of planned events for the next 12 months. Select a sub-group to get a quick description of the exercise series.


  • Spartan Alliance Exercise Series

    Spartan Alliance Exercise Series

    Unit Led training Events for NATO-29 nations on NATO Classified CFBL Net - Select for more information and request access to specific events
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  • Spartan Dagger Exercise Series

    Spartan Dagger Exercise Series

    Unit-Led training events focused on Close Air Support from JTAC to JFAC conducted on both NATO and US networks. Priority is connectivity and individual training for JTACS and CAS Aircrews, but C2 (ASOC) training is available. Select for more information
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  • Spartan Eagle Exercise Series

    Spartan Eagle Exercise Series

    Unit Led training Events for US-Only on DMON. Spartan Eagle supports all connectivity and COMUSAFE priority training objectives/events - Select for more information and request access to specific events
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  • Spartan Falcon Exercise Series

    Spartan Falcon Exercise Series

    WPC Sponsored Exercises/Events supporting 603rd, AIRCOM, and/or National Level Air Operations Centers providing Part-Task Training to AOC Cells, Centers, and Teams. Select for more information and request access for events
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  • Spartan Shield Exercise Series

    Spartan Shield Exercise Series

    WPC Led Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) training events designed to incorporate the full spectrum of air and missile defnese activities and assets in a Major Combat Operations (MCO) Defense Design. Select for information and to request access
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  • Spartan Warrior Exercise Series

    Spartan Warrior Exercise Series

    WPC's Premier Quarterly Large Force Employment (LFE) / Composite Air Operations (COMAO) exercise conducted on NATO Classified CFBL Net or US-Only DMON. Select for more information and schedule of events
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  • Special Exercises and Tests

    Special Exercises and Tests

    Singular events and tests executed or supported by the WPC. Access by request only.
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    UK Led Bi-lateral Tactical Level Exercise. Provides links to Exercise Sites. For direct access search "Red Kite" and select "Anywhere" and pick current year exercise Site
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  • WPC Information

    WPC Information

    Select for information on the Warrior Preparation Center. Visitor info in the Sharepoint along with campus photos. To request access to capabilities guides, network/federation information, "how to" guides and library select WPC Capabilities
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