SPARTAN ALLIANCE is intended to be a unit led Virtual/Constructive Event where units can schedule and operate in a constructive training environment provided to them as scheduled to meet their specific unit training objectives in a NATO-28 collaborative training environment. As we here at the WPC continue to expand our connectivity to the variety of multinational partners, we will use this site to provide contacts and paths to virtual training for any unit capable of connecting through the CFBL Network.

APAN - Group - List
  • Spartan Alliance 18-4

    Spartan Alliance 18-4

    NATO LSB Exercise
    25 members
  • Spartan Alliance 18-5

    Spartan Alliance 18-5

    Geilenkirchen NATO AWACS, possible DE Patriots
    21 members
  • Spartan Alliance 18-8

    Spartan Alliance 18-8

    Coalition Event sponsored by Warrior Preparation Center welcoming the Italian Air Force joining our training partners on the Combined Federated Battle Laboratories Network (CFBL Net). Execution set for 17-20 July 2018.
    46 members
  • Spartan Alliance 19-2

    Spartan Alliance 19-2

    Exercise planned in 2-Parts with integration of participants for this and future exercises in December 18 with Execution January 14-17 2019
    8 members
  • Spartan Alliance Archive
    4 members