Amateur Radio Situation Report from KF7BTW (USA amateur radio operator aboard sailboat in Fiji)

Thank you Tom and Gus. We are in the Denarau marina area where we went up one of the mangrove tidal creeks along with about 30 other boats. All of us came out unscathed. We do have internet and phone service still in our part of Fiji. Vuda marina also did well with some damage. What we do know is that 2 or 4 boats on stands did fall over. We don't know any details about that yet.

Savusavu didn't fair so well. A lot of boats damaged and lost. They saw the brunt of the storm when it's west winds came through. We have friends there on a yacht Interlude 9 from Canada who were on there boat. They drug their mooring, while powering into the storm, about 300 meters backwards. They are fine with a little damage caused by other boats dragging into them. We did get an initial report from them relayed by Cable Length 2.

 Denarau marina is mobilizing aid to the islands that got devastated with the assistance of some of the super yachts in Auckland and Brisbane, one of which is Dragonfly that is owned by google. They are also working through Sea Mercy to get aid out to the islands. Taveuni is mostly devastated along with a lot of the smaller islands and the North side of Viti Levu.

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