170903 - Search And Rescue (SAR) Map deployed to APAN to support Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

A Search and Rescue (SAR) Map has been set up in APAN based on data organized by Hurricane Harvey Volunteer Rescue (HHVR) and coordinated through Humanity Road. Rescue status of those in need will be displayed on the map periodically as updates come in.

The SAR Map is accessible through the main APAN Hurricane Harvey group navigation, and can also be accessed using the following link:


Rescue request data added to this map was generated by the volunteers of Hurricane Harvey Rescue (HHVR) http://hurricaneharveyrescue.com. HHVR is a grassroots volunteer rescue effort comprised of volunteers from across the United States crowdsourcing information to support disaster response efforts. Contact HHVRescue@gmail.com for more details. Humanity Road has been collaborating with HHVR to support rescue efforts.