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APAN Community

The APAN Community is a "community of communities" .org website that combines the benefits of unstructured and structured information sharing and collaboration with personalization of social networking. APAN Community features:

  • Profiles - Enables users to display information about themselves and helps to connect users based on interest and expertise
  • Search / Tagging - Discover information by using APAN's search feature or specific tag words
  • Blogs - Create web logs editable by group owners and managers that provide one way communication from the groups leadership to its members
  • Forums - Discuss topics or ask questions and provide answers in an online discussion area
  • Wikis - Collaborate with multiple authors to create and edit content in collection of web pages
  • Media Galleries - Post, display and download documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF), images and videos
  • Chat - Group and Peer to Peer chat capabilities allowing for real-time collaboration in a group or one on one
  • Low Bandwidth / Mobile Accessibility - View and post content such as blogs, forums and files where there is a limited network bandwidth or from a mobile device
  • GIS Capabilities - GEOtag content and display GEO RSS Feeds and KML/KMZ overlays using the APAN Map Widget
  • Calendar - Schedule and display events for community or group
  • Integrated Email - External APANmail.org email account
  • Document Library / Custom Lists - Integrated document libraries and custom lists allowing for more structured information sharing
  • Software Integration - Platform flexibility to integrate with your existing capabilities
  • Analytics - Monitor community and group engagement and activity through social and web analysis
APAN Support

APAN support provides users with the help, training and coaching. APAN Support offers the following services:

  • Support Hotline - Call in to get assistance from an APAN Team member during regular business hours (HST)
  • Support Ticket - Submit Questions, Feedback & Feature Requests using an automotive trouble ticket system.
  • Training - Receive online or in-person training from the APAN team or search through APAN's extensive knowledge base
  • Coaching and Consultation - Learn best practices and receive guidance from the experienced APAN Team
Exercise Support

APAN's solutions and service are used for supporting inter-agency, bilateral and multilateral exercises. APAN provides support throughout the entire Joint Event Life Cycle (JELC), offering the following services to our partners:

  • Knowledge Management (KM) - KMs provide detailed reports that outline the technical information required to deploy, setup, and operate systems in the support of an Exercise. They also develop the Information Management plans and provide guidance to both the executive agents (EA) and action officers (AO) throughout the JELC.
  • Hardware - The APAN Team can, setup, and manage hardware necessary to support exercises, including: laptops, network cabling and switches, internet connectivity, servers, projectors, printers, VOIP phones and more.
  • Software - APAN can deliver a number of software tools in support of Exercises such as: APAN Community, web conferencing, Joint Master Scenario Event List (JMSEL) tool, document libraries and custom lists, user accounts, event registration, backup procedures, IA security, and more