• Mapping Services Preview Now Available at map.apan.org!

    APAN users will soon have the ability to create, store, and share maps in their communities with features on https://map.apan.org! A preview of APAN’s new mapping service is now available on https://map.apan.org, and additional features will be added in a few weeks.

    Map.apan.org provides three main services:

    • Hosting your maps: APAN users with maps in KML and KMZ formats can now upload those maps to https://map.apan.org and display them in an APAN community. Owners can also display maps from external sources like ArcGIS and GeoRSS feeds in their communities.
    • Sharing your maps: Map owners can now share their maps with the public or with specific APAN users directly from https://map.apan.org.
    • Creating new maps: Users can now create a map and add associated layers in formats such as GeoRSS, KML, and KMZ to the map.


    Future expansions of APAN’s mapping services will include:

    • Providing a variety of basemaps
    • Easy email notifications for sharing maps
    • Additional layer services for overlays
    • Support for tab delimited files

    The homepage for https://map.apan.org will change when these new expansions become available in a few weeks.

    After trying APAN’s mapping services preview, send feedback to the APAN team by filling out a Support Ticket here: https://community.apan.org/support/p/supportticket.aspx. User feedback is appreciated!

  • New APAN Homepage Redesign

    The APAN homepage has been redesigned to help new APAN visitors and experienced APAN members quickly find information on APAN’s purpose, tools and services, and how APAN can be used to achieve information sharing and collaboration objectives.  To get to the new APAN homepage, go to www.apan.org.

    New menus provide quick links to sign in, create an account, and navigate to all of APAN's tools using the new APAN grid.

    Success stories provide examples of how APAN tools have already been applied to real world challenges.


    Descriptions of each of the APAN tools are presented for people who are exploring APAN and all it has to offer.


    The homepage of APAN Community (https://community.apan.org/) has also been updated to assist users in quickly finding their communities.

    Dive in to the new APAN homepage, and discover all of the great solutions APAN offers!

  • Coming Soon - New APAN Front Page!

    For the past 3 months, the APAN Team has been hard at work re-designing the APAN Front Page. We are excited for you to re-discover all the great features APAN has to offer. Until we release the new design at the end of the month, here's a sneak peek at some of the new content:

    New mobile friendly design

    Case studies highlighting how organizations are using APAN

    Details on each of APAN's tools

    and so much more!

  • New Translation Features!

    Translation services on APAN have been expanded! APAN has features to allow users to view the APAN web pages, chat via Instant Message, and translate documents in 17 different languages. 

    We have simplified the process for selecting your language of choice.  Just click the button labeled "English" in the upper left corner of your screen and select your language from the drop down menu.  This choice enables the user to view the APAN web pages in their language, chat via Instant Message in their language, and see their language first when they visit Translate.apan.org


    The services offered on https://Translate.apan.org enable users to translate documents and text selections.  Users can log into Translate.apan.org with their APAN username and password to get access to a variety of tools that make translating and sharing documents in a multi-lingual team easier.

    • Do you use documents in PowerPoint, Excel, or PDF formats?  APAN can translate documents in all these file types:  doc, docx, pdf, pptx (not ppt), txt, xls, xlsx.
    • Users can store their original and translated documents in thier own file storage space on Translate.apan.org.
    • APAN can make sharing translated documents between members of a multi-lingual team quick and easy. When a file is shared with another APAN user on Translate.apan.org, an email notification will go to the receiver in the language the receiver last used on APAN. No need to hunt for their email address and translate the notice yourself!

    • Translation tasks go faster now with APAN's bulk translation feature. Users can now translate up to 10 documents at once.  Upload your documents by clicking "Select", browse your computer to find your files, select a language, and hit "Translate."

    Click here to learn more about Translate.apan.org in the APAN Knowledge Base.


  • Hau`oli Makahiki Hou! - Happy New Year!

    Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!

    The Unclassified Information Sharing Service (UISS) All Partners Access Network (APAN) Application Service Provider team of Software Developers, Knowledge Managers, Project Managers and Computer Systems Engineers would like to wish all our APAN customers a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year. In 2014 APAN will be making some major changes to its front page, navigation and services to include a robust Geo-spatial (GIS) capability, APAN Lite enhancements and forging ahead with APAN mobile app services. We look forward to supporting our customers and consistently improving our unclassified information sharing & collaboration services.  Take care and be safe.

    APAN Technical Director

  • Feedback Button and Other New Features Now Available!

    A feedback button is now available for users to send feedback to the APAN team!  The button can be found on Chat.apan.org, Translate.apan.org, and on the login and account management pages. 


    Your feedback helps the APAN team improve features and services.  User feedback has already helped the APAN team develop the following new features:

    • Group Owners can now create a custom message to present on the "Request Membership" window when users request membership to your group!  This message can be used to ask for specific information from the user before granting them access to the group.  The space to type in your message is under Edit This Group> Advanced Options tab.  The responses from users will appear in the Pending Members list.
    • The message you receive when someone sends you a Colleague Request now appears under My Colleagues as well as in the email you receive.  The message will remain in your My Colleagues list after accepting the colleague.  Now you can evaluate colleague requests even when you don't have access to your email.

    The APAN team considers but cannot respond to every feedback submission.  For additional assistance, please submit your request in an APAN Support Ticket.

  • Typhoon Haiyan Response Community

    In response to the devastating super typhoon that hit the Philippines on 8 November 2013, APAN has created the Typhoon Haiyan Response Community. Join the community to collaborate and share information with other members supporting the response effort, including members of the U.S. Department of Defense, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), other government agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

    • Communicate with other people involved in the Response Effort.
    • Keep informed on the latest Updates and Announcements
    • Submit requests for information and assistance
    • View Images and Files related to response effort
    • Connect to other response resources
    • Join the LIVE chat

    Click here to go the Typhoon Haiyan Community

  • New Shortcuts Under "My APAN" Tab

    Get quicker access to your colleages, groups, favorites, and more with the new shortcuts under the "My APAN" tab in the APAN header!

    No matter where you are in APAN, the header always tops your page, so the My APAN shortcuts are immediately available no matter what community or function you're in!

    Ever realize that you need to reach a colleague while you're in the middle of reading something in an APAN community? Now you can hover over My APAN, click on My Colleagues, and your colleague list appears!  If you have used the Colleague Notes feature, those notes are also just one click away!

    Ever realize that the information you need is in another APAN community?  Now you can click into My Groups without having to navigate back to your profile or dashboard.

    Fewer clicks means quicker success at finding the information and people you need on APAN! 

  • Announcing New APAN Chat Features

    APAN Chat enables users to collaborate, plan, train and have online, real-time conversations with their entire community or on a one-to-one basis.

    New APAN Chat features include:

    • Owners can add and delete chat rooms directly from https://chat.apan.org.
    • User settings can be adjusted.
    • New look-and-feel.
    • Export and save important discussions to review later.
    • Invite a single member to discuss topics on a one-to-one basis within a Group Chat.
    • Create multiple chat rooms per topic, exercise, and/or event.

    How do you use chat within your community?  Add a comment to share with others how you use APAN Chat...

    To use APAN Chat, click here.

    For more information on APAN Chat, click here.

  • Twitter, Facebook, Google+ & Instagram have these social features. Now APAN does!

    What’s new in APAN Community with the latest release? Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Instagram all have these social features. Now APAN has them, too. With the recent upgrade, #Hashtags, @Mentions and Like social features have been added to APAN Groups.

    Why would I want to use likes, @mentions or #hashtag functionality?

    Liking, @mentions and #hashtags appear in your activity stream within your Community creating interest to click on posts.

    Once you click on a #hashtag, you will see a feed of what other people and are saying about a specific event or topic.

    @Mentions assist to draw the attention of specific APAN Colleagues to your post. For example, to direct community members to your post, the post may read, “Here’s a latest draft of the presentation. Please review @Bob, @Jim. The users you mention in a post will receive a notification to stay connected to the conversation.

    Wait, there’s more! For further knowledge, click here.

    Don’t forget to    this post if you appreciate these new features… 

  • Translate Documents and PowerPoint Files on APAN Translate

    Are you working with international partners?  Do you ever need to get a document translated into another language?  Do you ever need to provide a PowerPoint file in another language?  APAN can now assist users in translating documents in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint formats!  A second tab has been added to APAN Translate labeled “File.”

    Click on https://translate.apan.org and click on the “File” tab.

    Users will log into this page with their APAN username and password because this service is linked to a user’s account.  Space is provided here for each user to store documents they have translated.  These documents can also be shared with other APAN users. 

    The sharing function on APAN Translate can help reduce the number of emails needed to share translated documents between your partners.  A “Colleague” relationship on APAN is not required to share documents on APAN Translate.  Just click on “Options” then “Share” and type in the name of the user or users you would like to share the document with.

    For step-by-step instructions on how to use all the functions under https://translate.apan.org, click on the Knowledge Base article here.

    APAN Translate can translate text from English into 16 different languages and back again.  The translation is performed by computer, so there may be some unexpected variations in the translation.

    The information transmitted through APAN Translate remains completely on the APAN servers instead of being sent to a third party, like Google Translate.

    APAN provides a number of services to assist users in reaching across language barriers.  When these tools are used, international collaboration can go further than ever before.

    For further assistance, call the APAN Help Desk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (808) 472-7841.  Additional support services can be found on the APAN Support page.

  • New Chat Features

    APAN Group Chat has expanded to include three new features to enhance your group chat experience.  Group chat rooms are available for any community to allow members to type messages to each other in real time in one common window.  Use a group chat room when you need to have an instant conversation between many people in remote locations (translation also available on chat).  Use these three new features to better connect with individuals when you are in a group chat room:

    • A private chat window will now appear when you click on a username in a group chat room.  Use this feature to start a sidebar conversation with another group member who is in the same group chat room.


    • The group chat roster will now display up to 50 characters of a user's display name.  This makes it easier to learn details about the user they may include in their display name like which organization or office they support.  Add your own organizational information to your display name to allow other group members to identify you without having to go to your profile.


    • Users' status will show as "Away" after 5 minutes of inactivity on either group chat or person to person chat.  This indicator is handy for allowing a user to not wonder why someone is not responding to a private chat request if they have stepped away from their computer.

    Learn more about APAN chat functions on the APAN Knowledge Base by clicking here or go to the Knowledge Base and search for "chat."

  • New easy wizard for updating APAN profiles!

    APAN's User Profiles are great for expanding your professional network.  Search profiles to find other APAN users with the same interests, and complete your own to make your professional bio available.  Profiles can enhance your community connections by creating a context of who you are and what you do.  Community Owners can also enhance connections within their community by describing why they are leading the community in their profile.

    A completed profile can enhance your APAN experience by:

    • Giving community members context for who you are and why you are participating in a particular community
    • Enhancing users' understanding of your skills and abilities
    • Expanding the reach of your professional network.

    The new APAN Profile Wizard allows you to update your APAN Profile in 4 easy steps.  It also provides the option to import selected data from your  account.  The wizard appears like this:


    New users will see the wizard as an option immediately after completing registration.  Existing users can access the wizard by selecting Edit Profile > Profile Setup.

    Once you've updated your own profile, look for other APAN users to add to your network.  Search for keywords in the APAN Search Box, which is always available in the upper right corner of the APAN header.

    For more information about the new APAN User Profile Wizard, see the APAN Knowledge Base article here.

  • Translate Text Blocks With the New APAN Translate

    APAN is now providing an additional translation feature! The new APAN Translate is available to help users translate blocks of text.  Click on https://translate.apan.org to see this new service.

    Ever need to collaborate with someone via email in a language you don't know?  APAN Translate can help you translate the text you exchange in emails.  Just copy and paste the text from your email into the APAN Translate box and select the appropriate language in the "From:" and "To:" buttons.


    The same can be done with text copied from a web page.  Select the text you want to translate from the web page and paste it into the APAN Translate box.  Select the appropriate languages and click on the blue "Translate" button.

    APAN Translate can translate blocks of text from English into 16 different languages and back again.  Language pairs must include English and one of the following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and also the Afghan languages of Dari and Pashto.  The translation is performed by computer, so there may be some unexpected variations in the translation.

    The information transmitted through APAN Translate remains completely on the APAN servers instead of being sent to a third party, like Google Translate.

    For more information, please see the Knowledge Base article on APAN Translate Text Blocks.

  • APAN Outage – 14 to15 March 2013

    To our Customers: The APAN Team would like to extend our sincere apology for the unscheduled APAN outage from 1525 GMT 14 MAR to 1613 GMT 15 MAR 2013. 

    The outage was caused by a problem with a cable connection between the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and APAN hosting facility.  All APAN Services are now back online.  If you are experiencing any issues with APAN functionality, please contact our Support hotline at 1-808-472-7841.

  • Intermittent APAN Globe - Maintenance Screen

    We have received reports that users are frequently and / or randomly seeing the APAN Maintenance Screen when there is no scheduled maintenance. 

    If you see the APAN maintenance screen and it is NOT during a scheduled maintenance period. please try the following actions:
    - clear your internet browser cache
    - close
     all windows of your browser
    - then restart your browser for the changes to take affect.  
    For more detailed instructions on clearing your cache please refer to the APAN Knowledge Base article “How to clear Cache/Cookies.”
    If you continue to see the maintenance screen after clearing your cache and closing all of your browser windows, please contact the APAN Support Team hotline at (808) 472-7754 or submitting a Support Ticket.

  • Quick Search in APAN Knowledge Base!

    The APAN Knowledge Base is a great source of information about all things APAN.  Articles on APAN tools are available there for anyone to browse through, link to, and share.  The Knowledge Base has doubled in size with the inclusion of the new APAN Sites powered by Sharepoint!  This expansion has brought with it a new search capability to assist users in finding information quickly and easily.  As new APAN features are released, new articles are added to the Knowledge Base.

    The Knowledge Base is divided into four sections:  Accounts, Groups, Sites, and Other Services.  Users can still browse through the wiki that houses the Knowledge Base, and now a search box is also available. 

    For assistance in using the APAN Knowledge Base, please contact our 24/7 Support Desk at (808) 472-7841.


  • Use APAN Connect Rooms to Meet With Your Group Online

    Ever need to share information visually in real time across different geographic locations?  APAN Group Owners can create online meeting rooms that allow members to share desktops, presentations, files, and applications online in real time.  APAN uses Adobe Connect to produce online meeting rooms, and Group Owners can customize them to meet the specific needs of the group members.  APAN Connect online meeting rooms include the following features:

    • Audio connection via users’ speakers and microphones
    • Chat window for group chat or individual chat messages
    • Customizable layout
    • Options for multiple hosts and presenters
    • Room URL that persists even when the meeting is over
    • Recording capability for later viewing and sharing

    This is an example of an empty APAN Connect meeting room:

    Now, Group Owners can create Adobe Connect online meeting rooms without assistance from the APAN Help Desk.  Simply click on “Edit This Group” from the owner’s administration box and find the “Adobe Connect Rooms” tab.  Type a room name in the blank next to "Add Meeting" on that tab, and an APAN Connect room will be available for use immediately. 

    APAN Site Owners will soon also have this capability, and in the meantime, Site Owners should contact the Help Desk to establish Adobe Connect rooms.  Also, any community member can go to their community owner to request a room.

    For more information about APAN Connect rooms, see the Adobe Connect resources here and the APAN Knowledge Base article here.


    DOCUMENT PREVIEW: We have "disabled" the document preview capability within APAN because we have discovered it is causing the APAN job scheduler to fail (causes problems with search, membership synchronization and a few other areas).  This results in a domino effect that impacts other capabilities within APAN. We have submitted a trouble ticket to Telligent about the issue. Also, we are currently troubleshooting on our end.

    NO CHANGE. Still disabled


    POP-OUT CHAT: Pop out chat is not working properly. However, APAN Chat is still working.

    FIXED (partially). The pop-out chat is only available for APAN Group members and not APAN Sites members.  We continue to work on the APAN Sites part of the problem.


    SYSTRAN LANGUAGE TRANSLATION:  The SYSTRAN Language Translation Server has been down since last Wednesday 16 Jan. We are working with DISA DECC Montgomery to reload the software.

    FIXED. Software was reloaded to DECC servers with success.


    XMPP (Jabber) Client: The ability to connect to our chat server (chat.apan.org) through an XMPP client (e.g. IM+ on mobile devices, Spark on desktop) is currently unavailable.

    FIXED. Issue has been resolved as of 1/25/2013.

    We regret any inconvenience this may be causing your APAN experience. We will update this blog when any of the above issues are resolved.  If you require further assistance please contact APAN Support.


    Jerry G.

  • APAN "Broken Windows" Project (Jan - Mar 13) - Improving the APAN User Experience

    The UIS (APAN) Applications Service Provider (ASP) team has reserved the second quarter of FY13 (January-March 2013) to fix its "broken windows."  Over the past 18 months the ASP team has released numerous software updates & enhancements and now we need time to do some "spring cleaning" and prepare APAN for new Spring / Summer 2013 releases. We are going to take the next three development sprints to fix those annoying APAN bugs and capabilities that simply don't work for one reason or another (i.e. our "broken windows."). This includes reviewing our software development backlog and simply taking time to fix the little things that eventually lead to bigger problems down the road. 

    We have developed a comprehensive a Broken Windows Project plan that will be discussed during our next UIS-APAN Software Change Control Board (SCCB) 15 January 2013.  Of course the current or ongoing projects (Harmonie Web Transition to APAN, Mobile Device App Development & Event Support) will not be impacted. 

    If you have areas you want us to "fix" please submit a support ticket here:  https://community.apan.org/support/p/supportticket.aspx

    Jerry G.


  • New functions now available for APAN users and group owners!

    A few new functions are now available to give users more options for managing their APAN experience.

    Users now have more control over their email addresses and passwords.  New "self-serve" functions enable users to update their email addresses, passwords, and their security image without requiring assistance from the APAN Help Desk.  The new screen looks like this:


    For Group Owners, a new tab is now available to manage chat rooms. Rename and delete chat rooms from the new tab called “Chat Rooms.”  See the screenshot below for an example:

    Also, see the new look on the APAN Help Desk ticket form.  The Help Desk ticket updates will facilitate faster service and a better user experience.

    These updates are just a few of the products from the APAN Team's continuing efforts to bring users the best in collaboration services!

  • Add notes to your Colleagues!

    Have a lot of colleagues?  You can now add comments to your colleagues to enable better contact management.  Keep all your notes about people you collaborate with entirely on APAN!  These notes are private.  Only the author of the note will be able to see it.  To add a note, hover your cursor over the colleague's name, and the following window will appear:

    Click on "Add Note" to enter your notes about that colleague.

    Once you have added notes to your colleagues, hover your cursor over the colleague's name and the following window will appear allowing you to view, edit, or delete your note:

     Notes will also show up next to your colleague's name in your My Colleagues list.

    To see the Knowledge Base article on adding notes to colleagues, click here.

  • New APAN Registration and Sign-in coming soon!

    APAN will soon release an update to the APAN Registration and Sign-in pages.  The functions will remain the same, but the pages will have an updated look and feel.  The new look and feel will not only increase speed and performance, but will also enable better viewing on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets!

    Below is a picture of the new Registration page:

    Below is a picture of the new Sign-in page:

    If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or submit a Help Desk ticket here.

  • Announcing APAN Sites powered by SharePoint 2010

    APAN has added SharePoint 2010 to its collaboration tools. Users that depend heavily on documentation for knowledge management will enjoy the power of SharePoint to collaborate and manage documents.  APAN Groups continue to rely on the unstructured collaboration tools APAN has always offered, while APAN Sites are powered by APAN's new Sharepoint 2010 tools. 

    APAN Sites maintain the same look and feel as the rest of the APAN service.  The APAN search tools have expanded to include APAN Sites, so finding the content you need remains seamless.  APAN Sites also have many of the same tools users are accustomed to like chat, favorites, activity feeds, and GIS capabilities.  Site Owners are able to manage access to the site from site entry down to the document level.

    Starting a new APAN Site requires the same steps as starting an APAN Community Group.  Begin by submitting a support ticket through the APAN Support page.  An APAN team member will respond and gather your site requirements.  See the screenshot below for an example of how the new APAN Sites will look.


    Training for APAN Sites will be provided in both live training webinars and new articles in the APAN Knowledge Base.  Watch the APAN University Page and the APAN Group Owners blog  for announcements of new training events.  Subscribe to the blog to get announcements directly in your email inbox.

    For more information, please see the APAN Sites FAQ or contact the APAN Support team via the APAN Support Page.


  • Help Desk Hotline now 24/7!

    The APAN Team is excited to announce that our Help Desk Hotline will now be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  Now APAN offers help over the phone and via the Support Ticket system for all time zones.  Just call (808) 472-7841 or DSN (315)472-7841! Help is still available on the APAN Support page via our forum, Knowledge Base, and the great user guides in the APAN University Library.  If you have any questions about this new expansion of our services, please leave a comment on this blog or use one of the many APAN Support options!