System Maintenance: Scheduled from August 10, 2018 2100 - August 12, 2018 2100 GMT APAN will be in maintenance mode and unavailable from 2100 GMT 10 AUG (1700 EST) - 2100 GMT 12 AUG (1700 EST) to transition to a cloud infrastructure.

2016.07 Software Release

APAN did not have a software release in July, due to Request for No Interruptions (RNI) we received.

If you have an RNI, submit a ticket to the APAN Help Desk.

Please include the following information in your RNI:

  1. Event Title:
  2. Event Type (Exercise, Conference, HADR, other):
  3. Description of Event:
  4. Event Point of Contact (POC) Name:
  5. POC Office:
  6. POC Command:
  7. POC Email:
  8. POC Phone:
  9. Location(s) of Event:
  10. Start day and time of event, include time zone:
  11. End day and time of event, include time zone:

We will escalate your request when the information is received regarding your event.