2016.01 Software Release

Area Topic User Story / Hotfix # Notes KB Update Status and Link
Telligent Hot Fix 8.5.1049677

Using ampersand is now properly handled within profile fields.

Issue with uploading files from IE8 has been corrected.

Redirect from wiki page URLs not containing page ID has been fixed.

Corrected issue is quick post that was causing multiple file selection UIs to be shown when attaching a file to a status message.

Issue with incorrect dates in forums and activity stream widgets has been fixed.

Issue fixed with incorrect dates on comments fixed.

Telligent Hot Fix

The VIMEO file viewer updated to use a newer HTML5 compatible embed code to allow devices without flash to view videos.

Group Owners were not able to send invites to users has been fixed.

Groups’ Forum Auto-subscribe now works when a manager adds user to a group.

Blog unsubscribe links, in the footer of emails, now works properly

Telligent Members 998

Added “member since” to user’s profile page

Updated Article: Member Permissions

Telligent Calendar 992 Removed anonymous registration for private groups. n/a
Telligent Calendar 997 Added more character spacing to show more of the title when an event is posted to a calendar. n/a
Telligent Blogs , Forums, Media Gallery, Wiki 948, 1035, 1036, 1037 Added the ability to utilize RSS and Download KML links to blog, forum, wiki, media gallery settings
(formerly in APAN 7.x)

New Article: RSS Feeds Link

New Article: KML Feeds Link

Telligent Media Galleries: Files & Folders 996, 1046, 1047, 1048 Added ability for Group Owner to drop a Media Gallery List widget on any page within a group when the folder feature is turn on within Group Options.

Updated Article: Files & Folders Article

Core Support 1050 Added a link to Support group for users to be able to find a support link consistently. (It’s in the Application Grid Menu.) Updated Article: Support
Core Support 1043 Changes the email subject line received as an automatic response when a ticket is created within 'Contact Us' to show @@APAN@@ vs. @@SDP@@. These are delimiters to allow the system to maintain the replies to and from a users’ email with the APAN Help Desk’s ticketing system. n/a
Telligent Polling n/a APAN has turned on the ability to embed content as a poll.  Polls can be utilized within a Group to ask questions and allow the group's members to vote on answers. New Article: Create Content Polls

APAN software release content provides a high-level review of changes that may effect an end-user.  If a change is substantial, KB content will be updated.  If applicable, click the KB link within this post for detailed information on changes.  Other updates occurred on the system's backend and are not listed here.