Requesting PWC UNCLASS Account at The PWC
The following instructions are to be followed at the PWC if user did not request a PWC UNCLASS account in advance.
Step 1) On your UNCLASS exercise desktop in the "Forms" folder complete the "J32 Exercise User Account Request Form". Form must be initialed and digitally signed.
Step 2) Attach the signed J32 Exercise User form and a copy of your IA Cyber Awareness Certificate  (<- click link to take course) to the online PWC-U request form HERE (APAN account required).
Step 3) Complete online PWC-U request form (all required fields are marked with a *) and select "Submit" to submit your request. **Cyber Awareness​ and J32 Exercise User Account Form Must be attached**


 Step 3) Check your email to monitor the status of your request. Account will be disabled after 24 hours if ALL paper work is not submitted.

**Contact PWC.REQUEST​​ or 808-472-7842 for issues regarding account requests.**