APANmail is APAN's email/webmail offering. This allows user to have an alternative to their work and or personal emails. The email address will be username@apanmail.org.

NOTE: We DO NOT support functional/group account. APANmail account is tied to the APAN user account; you must have an APAN account in order to use APANmail.


How do I get an APANmail Account?

If you are a group owner, submit a support ticket here. If you are not a group onwer, contact your group onwer to make this request.


Who can get an APANmail Account?

Not everyone can get an APANmail account. The need has to be justified and the request has to be vetted through an established group's owner.


How do I Log In to APANmail?

Once you have an APANmail Account, you will see an Inbox with the number of unread messages on the toolbar.

Figure 1.

Click the icon to open the APANmail client. The login username/password should be the same as your APAN's, see Figure 2. In any case, your login information should be emailed to you (the email that ties to your APAN account) upon completion of the APANmail account set up.

Figure 2.

The features of APANmail is similar to that of Outlook as illustrated in Figure 3 below.

Figure 3.

Using the APAN mail system is similar to other web-based email tools:

  • Click Inbox to check for new mail(s) or Compose to create new one. 
  • Contact is the same as the address book.