My APAN, also referred to as the user dashboard, is an area where a member is given useful information and can manage all things related to their APAN account. Some of the features of the My APAN page include, APAN announcements, quick tips, and site activity. An APAN member must be signed-in to view the My APAN page.

My APAN Basics

 Figure 1.

Edit Profile/Complete Your Profile takes you to the edit profile page where you can add information about yourself to help others find you.

Conservations shows messages you’ve received (the number in brackets indicates how many unread messages you have).

Colleague Request is where you can manage your colleague requests (the number in brackets indicates how many pending request you have).

My Dashboard is the same as My Dashboard.

My Profile shows a list of all your activities and your profile information including the general and professional info. 

My Activities shows nothing but a list of activities created by you.

My Groups is where you can view and manage which groups you are a member of.

My Colleagues shows you who your colleagues are.

My Favorites lists all of your favorite groups and content.

Settings allows you to change privacy and basic settings for your APAN account.

APAN Announcements keeps you up-to-date with all the latest APAN news including, new feature releases and schedule maintenance.

Site Activity lists all the recent activity of people and groups you are associated with.

APAN Quick Tips is updated regularly with useful tips on different APAN tools and capabilities.

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