Team Overview

Located within the Air Force Research Laboratory's Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, the Responsive Materials and Processes Team (formerly the Flexible Materials Processing Team) performs cutting-edge research and technical expertise for legacy, developmental and future Air Force systems, exploring:

  • flexible and stretchable electronics
  • conformal and integrated devices
  • topology optimization of reconfigurable surfaces
  • responsive and adaptive materials
  • autonomous research
  • polymer synthesis and flow chemistry

The Responsive Materials and Processes Team is composed of scientists and engineers with over a 100 years combined research experience in diverse technical backgrounds in both Advanced Materials and Innovative Manufacturing.

We operate under the reality that next-generation warfighter needs will require synergistic operation between the Airman and their tools. Our expertise is focused on three specific application areas:

  • Compliant Electronics for Airman / Machine Interfacing
  • Conformal Sensors for Communication and Analysis
  • Adaptive Materials for Autonomous Systems

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