The Air Force Community Partnership Program is a framework through which installation and community leaders are developing creative ways to leverage their capabilities and resources to focus on achieving reduced costs by finding shared value.  The AF process taps into the intellectual capital and innovative spirit of installation and community leaders to find creative ways to accomplish the Air Force mission and enhance communities. 

During FY2019, the AFCP Program launched an effort to assist its installations and communities with broadening their current regional partnership efforts by providing additional resources for collaboration and innovation. In late March, AFCP helped coordinate a regional summit in Ohio where representatives identified and brainstormed synergies to help advance Ohio partnerships. Fifteen representatives participated in this day-long event from seven Ohio installations and National Guard Bureaus, and the State of Ohio.

San Angelo was awarded the Altus Trophy for a second time in 2019! San Angelo has worked with the state and local government to secure funding for intelligence training at the installation and has introduced legislation to help military spouse certifications and licensure transfers. Currently, San Angelo is one of the Air Force leaders in developing public-to-public, public-to-private partnerships that enables collaboration between the city and the base with 29 memorandums of understanding that reduce costs while retaining critical mission capabilities.

 On 4 March 2019, the Air Force Community Partnership (AFCP) Program hosted a pre-conference session at the Association of Defense Communities (ADC) Installation Innovation Forum in Miami, Florida. This is the third year that the AFCP Program hosted a highly successful pre-conference session, which had over 150 participants attend. The AFCP In the News ADC Slideshow highlighted the accomplishments of AFCP Programs across 62 bases and over 380 partnerships. The Supporting the Mission through Partnerships presentation discussed the expansion of community partnerships in a regional level, addressed how to best achieve Mission Sustainment through community partnerships, and discussed the importance of leveraging Intergovernmental Support Agreements in meeting the missions needs of both local communities and installations. Please reference the presentation links here.