• 31 May 2019

    Luke AFB Shared Indoor Firing Range

    Partnership Need/Requirement

    • Luke AFB’s existing Combat Arms Marksmanship Training (CATM) range is very old, extremely expensive to maintain, and poorly located

    Partnership Description

    • Luke AFB will use the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) Firearms Training and Qualifications Range to meet CATM requirements 
    How the Partnership Works
    • Through a Use License Agreement, Luke AFB will pay the MCSO $49,000/year 
    • In exchange for payment of the annual license fee, Luke AFB will be entitled to: (1) use the range to train up to 2,000 students/year; (2) expend a maximum of 500,000 rounds of ammunition/year; and (3) schedule and use the range during and after normal working hours
    Partnership Benefits
    • Luke AFB saves $49K/yr for CATM O&M, avoids ~$700K CATM refresh cost, and avoids $17M MILCON for new CATM facility
    • MCSO receives $49K/yr in license income and ensures protection of lives and property during emergency response