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Air Force Community Partnership Program Hosts Profiles in Partnership Ceremony

February 2018

The Air Force Community Partnership (AFCP) Program hosted its inaugural Profiles in Partnership Ceremony on February 12, 2018 at the Association of Defense Communities (ADC) Installation Innovation Forum (IIF) in San Diego, California. The event recognized the following innovative partnerships and installation/community leadership that have made valuable contributions to the AFCP Program:

  The Ceremony was attended by over 150 participants, and commended as a valuable forum for highlighting how Air Force installations and surrounding communities mutually benefit from partnerships to meet respective mission requirements and needs. Air Force Senior Leadership addressed the attendees, starting with Mr. Richard Hartley, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Energy and Environment (SAF/IE), who provided opening remarks to kick off the event. Mr. Hartley praised the AFCP Program for its continued advocacy and hard work in establishing community partnerships.  

Mr. Richard Hartley, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations, Energy and Environment

  Ms. Jennifer Miller, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations (SAF/IEI), praised the AFCP Program’s impressive growth and momentum, and how Air Force and community leaders continue to achieve mutual value and benefits by embracing partnerships, creating win-win opportunities for Airmen, their families, and surrounding communities. Ms. Miller also urged installation and community leaders to engage with SAF/IEI leadership on ways that Headquarters Air Force can assist in community partnership program execution and growth.  

Ms. Jennifer Miller, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Installations

  Mr. Teran Judd, Director, Community Partnership & Encroachment, SAF/IEI, talked about the roll-out of an enterprise-wide approach in fiscal year 2018 (FY18) that will focus on select installation support services, namely integrated solid waste management, grounds maintenance and landscaping, and pavement maintenance. He also asked bases to consider using an Intergovernmental Support Agreement (IGSA) as a means of implementing these partnerships. He went on to say that “IGSAs offer a unique opportunity to enter into a sole source agreement with a state or local government to provide, receive, or share installation support services, potentially reducing the cost of services for bases while generating revenue for surrounding communities.” With the FY18 National Defense Authorization Act’s (NDAA) extension on the allowable term of IGSAs from 5 to 10 years, communities now have a more realistic timeframe to amortize capital investments and greater stability when entering into these partnerships. SAF/IEI also signed a delegation memo to provide approval authority to Air Force Installation Commanders for receiving installation support services. 

Mr. Teran Judd, Director, Community Partnership & Encroachment, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Installations (SAF/IEI)


AFCP Profiles in Partnership Honors & Recognitions

Luke AFB for Outstanding Commitment and Support to Mission Effectiveness and Sustainment Initiatives

  Luke AFB was recognized as a model program for innovative partnerships that support mission and sustainment activities while strengthening community relationships and enhancing their programs. One of Luke’s notable achievements is the integrated solid waste management partnership, which has been in place for over a year. In FY17, this partnership saved the base over $50K and increased community revenue over $250K. 
This partnership serves as a replicable model for several installations and is helping to pave the way for AFCP Program’s enterprise-wide initiatives. In addition to the integrated solid waste management IGSA, Luke AFB granted a five-year license to Maricopa Community Colleges to operate a Military and Veterans Success Center on base that will serve as a one-stop-shop to bridge resources for military members and spouses transitioning into civilian life. Luke AFB also partnered with Coyote Hockey Club and Fighter Country Partnership to construct a hockey rink on base for a local hockey league. In FY16-FY17, Luke AFB and community stakeholders formalized and implemented eight (8) partnerships, which are a testament to their collaborative spirit and commitment to the AFCP Program.

 Accepting this recognition on behalf of Luke AFB are Col Robert (Bob) Sylvester (56 MSG Commander) and Ms. Valerie Bérubé (Director, Luke AFB Private-Public Partnerships)

Dover AFB for Outstanding Commitment and Support to Quality of Life Initiatives

  Dover AFB was recognized for its outstanding contributions to numerous Moral, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) partnerships that enhance quality of life for both Airmen and the local community. Notable partnerships include working with the Delaware (DE) Department of Rapid Transit to increase public transportation options and routes for Airmen and their families that in turn benefit the local community through increased revenue to local retail businesses and restaurants; hosting joint programs with the DE Parks and Recreation to promote recreational opportunities and support State Parks and Recreation Programs; and working with Dover YMCA to offer discounts to Airmen and families to use the pool during the off-season to generate additional YMCA income.
Dover AFB accounted for 18 percent of the quality of life initiatives completed in FY16-17 under the AFCP Program.  It has implemented 13 initiatives since 2016, setting a high standard for the Air Force on MWR and quality of life initiatives. 

 Accepting this recognition on behalf of Dover AFB are Mr. Jason Vandenberg (Deputy Commander, 436 MSG/DD); Ms. Laura Kantor-Chupp (Program Manager, Community Partnership Program, 436 MSG/P4); and Capt Brian Scallion (Executive Officer, AFMAO/CCE)

JBSA for Program Leadership Excellence in Support of the AFCP Program

  JBSA was recognized for its outstanding leadership in building a robust, innovative partnership program that has become embedded in JBSA’s culture and day-to-day mission. Despite the unique challenges of a geographically separated joint base, JBSA has done an exceptional job in leveraging community partnerships to strengthen relations with its diverse community members. One of JBSA’s notable achievements is the Secure Reliable Water initiative, a partnership with San Antonio Water Systems (SAWS), the City of San Antonio, and the Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) that ensures secured reliable alternative water supplies and resulted in a cost avoidance of $10.5M in FY16 relating to impact fees and water pipeline connection costs.
Additional partnership examples include the expansion of mass transportation options on base and promoting transition assistance and career skills training for veterans. JBSA worked with local community stakeholders to formalize and implement nine (9) partnerships in FY16-17, firmly establishing itself in the fabric of San Antonio life and serving as a model for partnerships across the Air Force.

Accepting this recognition on behalf of JBSA are Mr. Fil Jimenez (Technical Director, 502 ABW); Ms. Meg Reyes (JBSA’s Director of Community Initiatives); Ms. Lori Stinson (City of San Antonio Chamber of Commerce); Mr. Keith Graf, Director, Texas Military Preparedness Commission; Mr. Roland Mower (Port of San Antonio)

City of San Angelo, TX, in Partnership with Goodfellow AFB, for Program Leadership Excellence in Support of the AFCP Program

  The City of San Angelo was recognized for its outstanding efforts in supporting Goodfellow AFB’s community partnership program. It has been a steadfast partner in many initiatives that support both Goodfellow AFB’s mission and the needs of Airmen and their families. San Angelo has been an exemplary partner with Goodfellow AFB in spearheading several initiatives such as Shared Medical Emergency Training, Firetruck Maintenance and Ambulance Service, and various medical and educational joint training partnerships.
Of special note is the International Intelligence Training Center partnership that had its ribbon-cutting in November 2017.  This partnership provides international exposure to the City of San Angelo and helps in revenue generation through increased housing, restaurants, retail, and tourism.  It involved the renovation of existing on base facilities to expand the city’s international training mission, resulting in a $2.68M cost avoidance for the installation to refurbish the facilities.  The collaborative spirit of partnerships undertaken by the City of San Angelo and Goodfellow AFB serve as an excellent example of the AFCP Program’s far-reaching potential. 

 Accepting this recognition on behalf of the City of San Angelo and Goodfellow AFB are Mr. Keith Graf, Director, Texas Military Preparedness Commission; Ms. Brenda Gunter (Mayor, City of San Angelo); Col Ricky Mills (Commander, 17 Training Wing); and Ms. Toni Hansen (Deputy Director, 17 Mission Support Group)


The AFCP event attracted representatives from the Air Force and other Services, military affairs committees, state and local governments, community organizations, economic development organizations, and other interested parties. Approximately 50 community organizations and 39 Air Force installations were represented.