Frequently Asked Questions



What is the Air Force Community Partnership Program?

The Air Force Community Partnership Program is a framework through which installation and public/private sector community leaders can develop creative ways to leverage their capabilities and resources to focus on achieving reduced costs or reductions in risks by finding shared value and benefit. The goal of this program is to enhance mission viability and improve Airmen resiliency while implementing collaborative projects that provide mutual value to the Air Force, DOD, or federal government and local communities.


What are the characteristics of effective partnerships?

The four fundamental elements of successful partnerships include:

1.   Partnerships must create mutual value and benefit that exceeds what the partners could individually achieve
2.   Partnerships must leverage resources
3.   Partnerships must address common or complementary issues while addressing challenges unique to each partner
4.   Partnerships must provide communications forums to increase understanding and create cooperative, innovative environments

What Installation and Community members should participate in the Air Force Community Partnership Program process?

The suggested list of attendees below is notional and should only be considered for inclusion; the process is driven by unique opportunities and needs of a specific installation-community group. Participants from the installation may include installation leadership and cross-functional representatives from nearly every unit on the installation.

Community representatives might include the following:

  • Local, State & Federal Governments (City Managers, Emergency Management, and Public Works)
  • Regional Planning Organizations
  • Key Tenant Organizations
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Educators and University Organizations
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Governor’s Military Liaison
  • Conservation Organizations
  • Union Representatives
  • Utility Companies
  • Community Thought Leaders (e.g., Community Alliances, Chambers of Commerce)
  • Non-Profits
  • Private sector experts (as appropriate)
  • Medical Professionals/Hospitals
  • Housing Privatization Developers



I would like more information on community partnerships and the AFCP Program. What are some additional resources that I can review?


This article published in the Journal of Defense Communities describes why DoD and communities should pursue partnerships and provides case studies of successful DoD partnerships. (click link above to open)


This one page pdf summarizes the talking points most important to the Air Force Community Partnership Program. (click link above to open)