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GFEBS UMT Scheduled Training
 DFAS/ARMY FY 21 Virtual Training Schedule   
 Course Title Date/Time (EST) Date/Time (EST) Instructors
 GFEBS Interfund UMT Training 12 NOV 20/0800 12 NOV 20/1300  
 Open Invoice Resolution 17 NOV 20/0800 17 NOV 20/1300  
 GFEBS 1080 UMT Training 20 NOV 20/0800 20 NOV 20/1300  
 Unmatched Labor - DCPS Errors 23 NOV 20/0800 23 NOV 20/1300  
 Introduction to GFEBS UMTs 8 DEC 20/0800 8 DEC 20/1300  
 Transportation UMT Training 9 DEC 20/0800 9 DEC 20/1300  
 Accounts Receivable UMT Training  11 DEC 20/0800 11 DEC 20/1300  
 Civilian Payroll UMT Training  15 DEC 20/0800 15 DEC 20/1300  

Adobe Connect Virtual Training  

GFEBS UMT Trending Balance

GFEBS UMT SOP/Desktop Guides

Visiting the below link will provide access to a number of GFEBS Standard Operating Procedures and Desktop Guides for several processes to include UMT research and resolution.

GFEBS SOP/Desktop Guides - AKO

GFEBS UMT Whitepapers

Visiting the link below will give the GFEBS UMT clearance POCs information by UMT category on GFEBS UMT root causes and recommendations to reduce UMT inflow and improve UMT clearance rate.

GFEBS UMT Whitepapers - AKO