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Sharpening Our Cultural Tools for Improved Global Health Engagement


The central theoretical concept in all life sciences is adaptation, the idea that things change over time. Unlike other species, we humans have the full benefit of a dual system of inheritance; that is, we use (or are shaped by) both biological and cultural systems of adaptation. Both systems work in a similar way. Through the process of sexual reproduction, we inherit genetic traits from our parents, and through the process of learning, we inherit culture from our social group. Culture is a central concept in the study of human beings, and its existence has played a major role in the success of our species, including our success with combating, controlling, and containing disease.

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Leclerc-Madlala, S. and Alobaidi, M. (2016). Sharpening Our Cultural Tools for Improved Global Health Engagement. Joint Force Quarterly. Vol 82: Qtr 3. 86-90. [attached]