The Training & Education section provides a list of all courses GCKN offers the Army. These courses focus on how to understand the operational environment (i.e., ways to conduct analysis) and include how units can leverage Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

 Robert Kurz, Director:  ♦  Operational Environment Enterprise:  ♦  PiX:

Exploitable Conditions Framework (ECF) Course (in development) is a scalable (2+ hours) course of instruction that introduces the ECF as an analytic structure and explains how to apply it. The course demonstrates the ECF’s value to planning and decision-making by highlighting causes of instability and creating a more nuanced understanding of potential adversary actions. Instructors emphasize the tool’s operational value by using GCKN products as exemplars.

 GCKN Analytic Methodology (GAM) Workshop (in development) is a 5-day or extended distance learning course that provides analysts with a basic practical understanding of the GAM. GCKN instructors guide analysts through an RFI response process from which they can provide detailed, auditable explanations for complex questions about the OE. Courses are ready-made to handle common questions or can be tailored to specific research requests. In addition, the course includes SME participation to augment and refine the analysis as designed by the GAM process.
 GCKN Analytic Product Instruction provides in-depth presentations and discussions of published GCKN material. Please check the GCKN products catalogs on our website for regular updates. Instruction is scalable but designed for 2-hour sessions.
 Subject Matter Expert (SME) Course (planned) is a 2-hour block of instruction that explains the value of building SME consultation into an analytical process and how to maintain professional, collaborative relationships with SMEs. Instructors emphasize that GCKN’s coordination with SMEs is integral and critical to its sociocultural research methodology, and they offer additional ways in which SMEs can contribute to a paper or project.

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