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North Korea Products


Military Equipment Guide Identification North Korea Playing Cards

Units can order North Korean Cards (GTA-20-17-004) and Posters (GTA-20-17-008) as well as other available editions through their local Training Support Center.

Russia Edition:                                                                                 

  • Cards - GTA-20-17-003
  • Posters - GTA-20-17-007

Iran Edition:

  • Cards - GTA-20-17-002
  • Posters - GTA-20-17-006

China Edition:

  • Cards - GTA-20-17-001
  • Posters - GTA-20-17-005

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(21" x32")
Printable Poster (PDF, 12MB) 

Threat Tactics Reports (TTR)

  1. Threat Tactics Report SEP 2015
  2. Threat Tactics Report North Korea   OCT 2015  

 Operational Environment Enterprise (OEE) Red Diamond,The Red Diamond is a quarterly publication featuring articles on threat actions, actors, OE conditions, and observations of current and emerging real-world threat techniques. The intent of the Red Diamond is to move lessons learned from real events to the training community in a timely and concise manner. Articles for the Red Diamond are accepted from analysts within the TRADOC G2 as well as analysts and subject matter experts from other organizations.    

1. OEE Red Diamond MAR19

  • The Hermit Kingdom
  • Black Market Driven Economic
  • Information Operations
  • Wet Gap Crossings

2. OEE Red Diamond APR16

  • ATGM Threats Primer
  • Threat on ATN
  • Disrupt OPFOR
  • DATE Concepts

3. OEE Red Diamond OCT15

  • North/South Korea standoff
  • Cartel Warfare
  • Threat Actors
  • SpyLite

4. OEE Red Diamond MAY14

  • RAFTE North Korea
  • BRDM
  • Russian RRF
  • Cyber Attack
  • Threat at NTC
  • Hybrid Threat Course

  Operational Environment (OE) Watch, OE Watch provides translated selections with background from a diverse range of foreign media that our analysts and expert contributors believe will give security professionals an added dimension to their critical thinking about the Operational Environment.

  1. Eritrea: Cracks in “Africa’s North Korea”  JAN 2018
  2. ASEAN Leaders Discuss Security Challenges JAN 2018
  3. North Korea Cyber Crime Shifts Gears JAN 2018
  4. A Chinese Insider Analysis of Bitcoin in North Korea JAN 2018
  5.  “New Type” PLA Units Emphasize Mobility, Joint Operations  SEP 2018
  6. Ethiopia Finally Accepts Border Demarcation, But Will a Strong Peace with Eritrea Follow? JUL 2018
  7. China Considers “Defensive Mobilization” for Potential War on Korean Peninsula JAN 2018
  8. China Confident in Shanghai Cooperation Organization's Antiterrorism Role JUL 2018
  9. Photos Paint a Point of No Return over the Disputed South China Sea MAR 2018
  10. Alternative Futures and Policy Challenges North Korea FEB 2016
  11. Pyongyang Republic JUN 2016
  12. Is “Byungjin” Working? A Look at North Korea’s Money SEP 2016
  13. North Korea 2025: Alternate Futures and Policy Challenges NOV 2015
  14. Arsenal of Terror APR 2015
  15. Guerilla Engagement Strategy for Regime Replacement JUN 2015
  16. Foreign Assistance to North Korea APR 2014
  17. Marked for Life: Songbun, North Korea’s Social Classification System JAN 2012
  18. North Korean House of Cards JUN 2012
  19. North Korea: NK GPS Jamming JUN 12