Welcome to the Army Expeditionary Civilian Workforce (ECW) APAN Community!!

 ECW MISSION: Shape the strategic direction of Civilian Human Resources Mobilization and Contingency planning and ensure the success of the Army with an effective and efficient Expeditionary Civilian Workforce.

  1. Develop and implement policy governing the management and utilization of Department of the Army Civilians.
  2. Develop and manage the operation of Human Resource information systems supporting Army Civilians.
  3. Oversee program, policy and enablers for Human Resource specialists ensuring effective delivery of civilian human resources services across the Army.
  4. Evaluate the management of employees and the administration of the Army Civilian mobilization personnel program.
  5. Communicate the value of Army Civilians as a force multiplier to stakeholders


  Army Deployment Endorsement and Application Form  
  Department of the Army Deployment Policies & Messages
  Department of Defense Deployment Policies & Messages 
  Deployment Cycle/Stages of Deployment
  Helpful ECW and HR Links
  Deployment Coordinator (DC) Listing By Organization (updated April 2017)
  ECW - Frequently Asked Questions
  Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) Funding Guidance
  Official Passport Application Process
  Deployment Health Assessment Program (DHAP)
 Deployment Benefits Information
 US Central Command ECW Pre-Deployment Guide(revised April 2017)
 Automated Nature of Action (AutoNOA - Track Deployed Civilians) Memo
 ECW "HOT" Jobs/Employment Opportunities
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