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Section I. Volunteer Application Procedures

The Department of Defense (DoD) has made establishing an agile civilian workforce with expeditionary capabilities one of its top priorities. To assist in meeting DoD's goal, the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel Readiness (USD (P&R)) directed commanders at all levels to support civilian employees wishing to volunteer for deployment, unless there is a significant negative impact on the organization mission.

Department of the Army civilian volunteer deployment applications for the Expeditionary Civilian Workforce (ECW) Joint mission vacancies are coordinated through the Department of the Army Assistant G-1 (Civilian Personnel Policy) (AG1CP) and Army Commands (ACOM) as a part of the civilian volunteer deployment process.

Civilians who want to volunteer for a ECW deployment must initiate the application and obtain endorsements/signatures from their supervisor, and/or Commander (GO/SES) or designee authorized to sign on their behalf. After receiving that Commander's (GO/SES) or designee's signature the RFD must be sent to the Deployment Coordinator (DC) for review and signature. The DC will then forward the approved RFD to the Army ECW Branch for review, signature and final deployment validation. Upon receipt and validation of the application it is reviewed and the civilian will be considered for deployment in support of the DoD-EC Program to source Joint and internal Army critical mission vacancies. Because the mission in Afghanistan, Africa and other areas supporting overseas contingency operations are critical, we have structured the application process to make it easier for applicants to apply and expedite the hiring process. New requirements for personnel are identified every day, for that reason all Army Civilian volunteer applications are maintained and establish an available pool of applicants who are interested, qualified and deployable to quickly match people to positions.

Section II. Volunteer Responsibilities

Volunteers may find deployment opportunities listed on the AG1CP ECW webpage (, or Once again volunteers must obtain endorsements/signatures from their supervisor and/or Commander (GO/SES) or designee, prior to being considered for a ECW internal Army or Joint position. Selections may take up to three months or longer.

Application: To apply for a ECW job, there are three steps:

  1. Fill out Section 1 of the Army Civilian Volunteer Request for Deployment (RFD) form (click on link below).
  2. Obtain endorsement/signature from supervisor, ACOM Commander (GO/SES) or designee, and Deployment Coordinator in Sections 2, 3 and 4 of the form.
  3. Submit the following items to your organization's Deployment Coordinator: 
    1. Request for Deployment (RFD) application (completely filled out & with endorsements/signatures)
    2. Your resume;
    3. A copy of your most recent SF-50; and
    4. A copy of your DD-214 (if you are/were a Military Service Member).
    5. Once again send all items to your organizational Deployment Coordinators (DC). Use the following link to identify your DC,

NOTE: Incomplete applications will NOT be considered and should not be forward to the Army ECW Branch.

TIP: Read the Deployability disclaimer carefully. Due to the demanding nature of assignments when deployed, prospective applicants should carefully assess their suitability with respect to medical requirements and other personal/legal issues, including eligibility for a security clearance, job history and experience commensurate with the ECW and deployment position description, and ability to handle a job environment with high stress and long (50-80) hours per week.

Army ECW Request for Deployment Application

[Updated 9/1/2017] 

[Document is Adobe Fillable Form, simply click on the above link and next page will allow you to download RFD application to your Desktop] 

Section III. Deployment Coordinator Responsibilities

Deployment Coordinators will assist applicants with completing the Request for Deployment (RFD) form as needed (to include assisting with expeditious completion of the RFD by an applicants Chain of Command). They will verify that the signatures on a completed RFD form are appropriate and accurate. Deployment Coordinators will ensure that any denials have sufficient justification and will ensure that all approved and denied (with justification) applications are forwarded to the AG1CP ECW Branch ( in a timely manner.