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Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA)

The Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (PDHRA) is a health screen designed for all Soldiers - active duty, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, and Individual Ready Reserve, as well as for Department of the Army (DA) Civilians. It is part of the Army's ongoing efforts to protect the health and well-being of Soldiers and DA Civilians who have been redeployed from combat from 90 days to 180 days. This is a two phase process and DA Civilians are required to complete both the post-deployment health assessment and reassessment not later than 180 days of departure from the theater of operation.

Purpose for Soldiers and DA Civilians:

  • Post-Deployment Health Reassessment identifies key readiness factors.
  • Screening is preventive because it sees what affects an individual's performance.
  • It helps leaders keep their Soldiers and DA Civilians in their best condition.
  • It helps Soldiers and DA Civilians get help when they need it, even if they don't know they need it.

Deployment-related health concerns often evolve over time. Implemented U.S. Army-wide in January 2006, the PDHRA is a commander's program. The Soldier or DA Civilian speaks one-on-one with a healthcare provider, who then makes a referral for follow-up care and treatment, if necessary. The PDHRA is a health screening only. If deployment-related health issues are identified as a result of the PDHRA, Soldiers and DA Civilians are referred for further medical evaluation. The Army is also ensuring that eligible DA Civilians who have returned from a deployment complete the PDHRA as well.

The PDHRA contributes to the Army's readiness by providing an additional opportunity for Soldiers and DA Civilians to have deployment-related health concerns addressed before they manifest into more serious problems. The Army knows in this era of persistent conflict, its Soldiers and DA Civilians are subject to tremendous pressure and life challenges in every form. Because the Army needs its Soldiers and DA Civilians to perform at their best, it ensures that they have every opportunity to improve their performance. The PDHRA is one of the Army's best tools for this purpose.

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