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را کلیک دکمه ای که در گوشه سمت چپ پایین   به نام "زبان انگلیسی" را به زبان دیگر انتخاب کنید. این صفحه وب ترجمه خواهد شد به طور خودکار از زبان شما را انتخاب کنید. زبان های دری و پشتو در دسترس هستن

Need translation?

Click the button in the lower left corner  named "English" to select another language. This web page will be automatically translated into the language of your choice. Dari and Pashtu are available.

Welcome to the demonstration group for RONNA on APAN!

This group is open to the public as view-only. You must be logged in to APAN to join this group and contribute content ("Public-Open" setting). This group contains only demonstration content.

Any APAN user is welcome to use the Chat Rooms and Connect Rooms.

Click "Chat Rooms" in the tabs above to see the Chat Rooms available. Click on a Chat Room name to open the room. Translation is available in the Chat Rooms.

Click "Connect Rooms" in the tabs above to see the Connect Rooms available. These rooms are online conference rooms where a user can share his or her screen with other users, use a web camera to share video, share files, and text chat with other users in the room.

For assistance, please contact "Ronna Support" via email at

Users can also get assistance from the APAN Help Desk by sending email to, OR

looking up information here:   OR

by calling (commercial phone) 808-472-7855 or DSN 315-472-7855. 

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