2024 RSI Events Calendar

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21: (T) RSI Connect: Russia Civil-Military Relationships

April May June

11Project Connect: Richard Connolly- Can Russia Build Back Better?

18:(T) RSI Connect: Russia Iran Relationship

19: FPRI-How Do China and Russia Define Their Interests in Central Asia

23: RISS-Unpacking China's Growing Ambitions in Central Asia

16:(T) RSI Connect: Private Military Companies (PMCs

24: FPRI-Russia and China in Central Asia Potential For Direct Competition

04-06: Janes-Defense Industrial Base Workshop

12: FPRI-Can China and Russia Navigate Their Power Transition in Central Asia

13: Project Connect: The Evolution of Sino-Russian Military Relations (1949-2023)

25: Project Connect: Putin's Praetorians:  The Evolving Role of the National Guard and their Capacity to Control the Streets

July August September

02:  Project Connect: Prigozhin's Children:  The New Wave of Russian PMCs and Implications for the Unity of Command

03:  Project Connect: CEIP Assessing Russian Military Adaptation in 2023



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