2023 RSI Events Calendar

January February  March

8RSI Connect: Russian Command & Control, Part 1
9RSI Connect: Russian Command & Control, Part 2

April May June

19: RSI Connect: Information Statecraft - Russian Society and the Elite

28: Monaghan: The Svechin Doctrine: Russian Military Strategy for the 2020s

18RSI Connect: How Russia Wages War

31: Connolly: Russia’s Defense Industry under Western Sanctions and Export Control

8: CNA: Russia's Use of Uncrewed Systems in Ukraine

20: CNA: Russian-Chinese Military Cooperation

23: Kaczmarski: Russian-Chinese Security Cooperation Beyond the Shared Neighborhood

29: Mastro: Posing Problems Without Shacking Up: Sino-Russian Military Alignment and Implications for Global Security

July August September

18: Weber: Political Economy of Russian Power

21:Jonsson: Phronesis Analysis - No Command, Little Control? The Russian GS and the War in Ukraine

31: RESCHEDULED Connolly: The Kalashnikov Economy at War 

10: FPRI: The Future of Russian Power and Conventional Warfare

17: RSI Connect: Belarus-Russia Political Military Relations.

24: Korolev: China-Russia Strategic Alignment in the post-Ukraine International Politics

31: RESCHEDULED Connolly: Financing the Reconstitution of the Russian Military

7: Fridman/Michlin-Shapir: Strategy Without Design, Decoding the Kremlin's Behavior 

14: Connolly: The Kalashnikov Economy at War and Financing the Reconstitution of the Russian Military 

21: RSI Connect: Russian Private Military Companies in Africa after Prigozhin 

27: Notte: Russia's Engagement in the Global South Post-Ukraine 

October November December

29: RSI Connect: The Black Sea


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