2023 RSI Events Calendar

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Recordings of Previous 2022 Events

January February March

12Kofman & Kendall-Taylor: The Myth of Russian Decline

26: Rosgvardia: A Militarized Solution to a Nonmilitary Threat

 1: RSI Connect: Kazakhstan, Ukraine, & the Russian Way of War

 1: Oscar Jonsson: Russia's Revolution in Intelligence Affairs 

10RSI Connect: Understanding the Russian Way of Cyberwarfare

15: Richard Connolly: Russian Defense Industry Analysis

24: CNA: Russian Military in Ukraine - Significance for the Future

April May June

14: RSI Connect: The Deterrence / Assurance Balance

  5: RSI Connect: Information, War, and Ukraine

19: RSI Connect: Comparing Russian & Chinese Theories of Victory

26: Richard Connolly: The Future of Russo-Chinese Defense Industry Cooperation

  2: Oscar Jonsson: Russia's Revolution in Intelligence Affairs Pt. 2

9: Andrew Monaghan: Russian Military Culture - Using Deception to Seize Decisive Advantage

16: RSI Connect: Russian Strategic Deterrence: A Reality Check

28: FPRI: Russian Concepts of Future Warfare

July August September

21: RSI Connect: War in Ukraine and the Future of Russian Space 

28: Monaghan: Russian Maritime Power

11: Galeotti: Decision-making in Putin's Russia

18: RSI Connect: Russian Force Reconstitution: Requirements and Prospects

25: Galeotti: Spetsnaz: The Men Behind the Mission

  8: FPRI: Future of the Russian Military - Russian Airborne Forces (VDV)

 12: Rimland: Russia’s Strategic Perspective on the Southwestern Flank of the Black Sea

22: EAG: The Future of Russo-Chinese Defense-Industrial Cooperation

October November December

27: RAND: Understanding Russian Coercive Signaling


2: Fridman/Michlin-Shapir: Information War as Russia's Theory of Influence

8: Notte/Kane: Russian-Turkish Relations and Implications for US Strategy and Operations



 15: FOI: Assessing the Future of the Russian Military


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