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Welcome to the Future Hunter's Course

This 24-hour course will provide emerging Army leaders vital tools and skills to understand, plan for and make decisions regarding long term future operating environments. Among the tools include a videos library for reference. The course takes as its point of departure the fact that the future is uncertain, complex and unpredictable in key ways. It will introduce you to Strategic Foresight (also called Futures Studies), an area that draws on which systematic thinking and rigorous framework are applied to complex, uncertain environments to generate logical projections of potential future conditions, which in turn, serve as decision support tools.

This course will begin to instill in emerging leaders a mindset and skill set that enables them to plan, procure, design organizations and execute activities with the expectation that the future
will not be like the past. They will leave the class as Future Hunters -- professionals who know how to prowl for signals of future change in the present, and who courageously pursue the implications of potential change to shape their decision making.

Course instruction stands on four pillars:
1.    Futurist mindset. Readings, discussion, activities and self assessments will provide participants with leading edge insights from neuroscience, cognitive psychology and behavioral economics on how the human brain manages claims and decisions about the future. These insights will be congruent with and support insights they will learn in other leadership electives.

2.    Contextual environment.  Participants will apply their new skill of identifying trends to assess the global context in which governments and militaries function and how the transactional environments are shaped.  They will learn how to draw connections between contextual environments and the battlefield. 

3.  Futurist skill set. Instruction will focus on identifying trends and how to use these trends to guide planning.  This pillar will introduce different methodologies of strategic foresight, from mathematical to crowd-based scenarios, and how to use these different methods for planning and analysis.  

4.    Leading in uncertainty.  Readings and simulations will grant emerging leaders the opportunity to steep themselves in the cutting-edge of leadership knowledge and practice, communicating at scale, crossing silos, inspiring and influencing stakeholder behavior, and engendering diversity of thought.