Getting Started:

To make the most out of the chat, please update your display name. The display name is your identity on APAN and it is very useful to identify who is gathered in the chat room. 

Instructions to update your Display Name:

  1. Navigate to your dashboard by clicking on "My APAN"
  2. Next, click on Community Settings. This will prompt a screen where basic information about the user can be added.
  3. The first field [NAME] is for the user's name as it will be displayed throughout APAN. It does not change the username you use to log in to APAN.
  4. Click Save before exiting to save your changes.

Chat Session Operating Procedures

To post information in the chat window:

  1. Enter text in the area below ("Type your message here")                                    
  2. Click the "Send" button located at the right of the text area


Courtesy guidelines:                                         

  1. Please use short & concise sentences
  2. Be patient and allow other participants to respond                                
  3. Please wait for responses from other members before typing your next message                                       

Adobe Connect Operating Procedures

  1. Click on
  2. login by using your APAN username and password



Please log in as a member of this group to use group chat.

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