Requesting a MNIS Account In Advance
The following steps are to be followed prior to reporting to the PWC.
STEP 1) Download and Complete CENTRIXS MPE SAAR FORM 2875 (Copy of blank SAAR form Right Click+Save As HERE to desktop, then right click the file and open PDF with Adobe to complete SAAR form and digitally sign).Parts I, II, & III of SAAR MUST BE COMPLETED.For detailed instructions on completing SAAR form click HERE. For detailed instructions on completing SAAR form click HERE
STEP 2) Attach completed SAAR Form and copy of IA Cyber Awareness Certificate  (<- click link to take course) and complete MNIS Account Request Form (previous page).
Select "Submit" to submit your request. **Completed SAAR form and copy of Cyber Awareness​ Must be attached**

 STEP 3) You will receive a confirmation email once your MNIS account is completed or if there are any pending issues with your account.
**Contact PWC.MNIS.REQUEST​​ for issues regarding account requests.**