Requesting MNIS Account at PWC
The following instructions are to be followed at the PWC if user did not request a MNIS account in advance.
STEP 1) From your exercise desktop open the "Forms" folder and right click the CENTRIXS REG SAAR form and Open With Adobe. FIELDS 1-20b MUST BE COMPLETED. If you are a Foreign National blank SAAR forms are located in the lobby by the printer. Foreign Nationals must submit their SAAR's manually to the PWC Help Desk.
STEP 2) Attach a copy of completed SAAR form and a copy of your IA Cyber Awareness Certificate  (<- click link to take course) to the MNIS Request form at the bottom of the previous page and complete the MNIS Request Form. Foreign Nationals must still attach a copy of their Cyber Awareness Certificate.
Step 3) Select "Save" to submit your MNIS request. **Completed SAAR and copy of Cyber Awareness​ Must be attached. Foreign Nationals must still submit request with Cyber Awareness Certificate attached and turn manual SAAR form into the PWC Help Desk**


**Contact PWC.MNIS.REQUEST​​ for issues regarding account requests.**