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Aerothermodynamics & Turbulence Review
17 - 19 July
Dr. John Schmisseur

AFOSR/ANFF Program Review
30 April - 4 May
Dr. Sofi Bin-Salamon

Bioenergy Program Review
6-10 August
Dr. Pat Bradshaw

Flow Interactions & Control Program Review
17-19 July
Dr. Douglas Smith

Low Density Materials Program Review
4-5 June
Dr. Joycelyn Harrison

Multi-Scale Structural Mechanics and Prognosis Annual Grantees Meeting
24-27 July
Dr. David Stargel

Optimization and Discrete Mathematics Program Review
18-20 April
Dr. Donald Hearn

Non-Linear Optics Review
18-19 Sep
Dr. Arje Nachman

T & E Research Opportunities Workshop
24-26 July
Dr. Michael Kendra

2012 Space Propulsion and Power Program Review
10-14 Sep
Dr. Birkan

2012 Electromagnetics Contractors Meeting
18-19 Jan
Dr. Arje Nachman

2012 Software-Systems Review
27-30 Nov
Dr. Robert Bonneau

2012 Ultrashort Pulse Laser-Matter Interactions Program Review
18-20 Dec 
Dr. Parra

2012 Complex Networks Program Review
18-21 Dec
Dr. Bonneau



2013 Electromagnetics Contractors Meeting
9-10 Jan
Dr. Arje Nachman

2013 Natural Materials Systems & Extremophilles Program Review
7-13 Jan 13
Dr. DeLong

Cognition Decision & Computational Intelligence Program Meeting
28 Jan-01 Feb 13
Dr. Myung

3D Hybrid Circuits
29 Jan 13
Dr. Harold Weinstock

Trust & Influence Program Review
14-17 Jan 13
Dr. Lyons

AFOSR Spring Review 2013
4-8 Mar 15

MURI: Wave Optics of Deep Atmospheric Turbulence
27 Jun 13
Dr. Julie Moses

Aerothermodynamics and Turbulence Portfolio Review 
15-18 July 13
Dr.John Schmisseur and Dr. Renagasamy Ponnappan

Information Operations and Security Annual PI Meeting
5-8 Aug 13
Dr. Robert Herklotz

National Hypersonic Science Center 2013
6 Aug 13
Dr. Ali Sayir

AFOSR Test and Evaluation Program Review 2013
12-15 Aug 13
Dr. Michael Kendra

Non-Linear Optics and MURI Review 2013
4-5 Sept 13
Dr. Arje Nachman

DDDAS PI Program Meeting 2013
30 Sept - 2 Oct 13
Dr. Frederica Darema

MACCCR Combustion Fuel Research Program Review
23-26 Oct 13
Dr. Chiping Li

22-24 Oct 13
Dr. Chiping Li

Review MURI: High-Power, Low-Loss Artificial Material for Transformation EM
31 Oct 13
Dr. Arje Nachman

Plasma and Electroenergetics Annual Portfolio Review 2013
18-19 Nov 13
Dr. William Roach, Dr. John Luginsland and Dr. Jason Marshall

Endothermic BRI Review
3-5 Dec 13
Dr. Chiping Li


Electromagnetics Contractors Meeting
7-8 Jan 14
Dr. Arje Nachman

AFOSR Porgram Review of Space Science
13-14 Jan 14
Dr. Kent Miller

AFOSR Spring Review 2014
4-7 Mar 15

AFOSR and ARO Basic Combustion Research Review 2014
2-5 Jun 14
Dr. Chiping Li

Aerothermodynamics/Turbulence and Transition Program Review 2014
15-17 Jul 14
Dr. Rengasamy "Pon" Ponnappan

Ultrashort Pulse Laser-Matter Interactions PI Review Meeting 2014
28-30 May 14
Dr. Riq Parra

Annual Review of Theoretical Nonlinear Optics 2014
1-2 Oct 14
Dr. Arje Nachman

Bz Workshop 2014
21-22 Oct 14
Dr. Kent Miller  

27-30 Oct 14
Dr. Tom Bruno/Dr. Chiping Li 

Remote Sensing and Imaging Program Review 2014
18-19 Nov 14
Dr. Julie Moses

DDDAS Program Review 2014
1-3 December 14
Dr. Frederica Darema



Annual EM Contractor's Review 2015
6-7 Jan 15
Dr. Arje Nachman

AFOSR Program Review of Space Science
14-16 Jan
Dr. Kent Miller

Materials for Extreme Environments Program Review 2015
18-22 May
Dr. Ali Sayir

2012 MURI; Managing the Mosaic of Microstructure 2015
22-23 June
Dr. Ali Sayir

The 2015 Aerothermodynamics Transition and Turbulence and MURI Review
13-17 July
Drs. Ivett Leyva and "Pon" R. Ponnappan

Computational Mathematics 2015
3-6 Aug
Dr. JeanLuc Cambier

2015 NLO Annual Contractor Review
7-8 Oct
Dr. Arje Nachman

Discrete Mathematics and Optimization Program Review 2015
14-16 Dec
Dr. Jean-Luc Cambier



2016 EM and SSN Contractors Review
5-7 Jan
Dr. Arje Nachman

Plasma Chemistry BRI-Annual Program Review
20 Jan
Dr. Jason Marshall

2016 Annual Review of the AFOSR DDDAS Program Review
27-29 Jan
Dr. Frederica Darema

2016 AFOSR High Speed Aerodynamics Portfolio Review and ONR Hypersonics Portfolio Review
27-30 Jun
Drs. Ivett Leyva and Doug Smith

2016 AFOSR Multi-Scale Structural Mechanics and Prognosis Program Review
18-22 July
Mr. James Fillerup

2016 Flow Control and Interactions and ARO Fluid Dynamics Annual Contractors Review
19-22 July 
Drs. Ivett Leyva and Matthew Munson

2016 Dynamics and Control Annual Program Review
2-4 Aug
Dr. Frederick Leve

2016 Computational Mathematics
8-11 Aug
Dr. Jean-Luc

2016 AFOSR Sensing, Optics and Imaging Collaborative Exchange Workshop
17 Sept
Dr. Stacie Williams

2016 Nonlinear Optics Contractor Review
27 Sept
Dr. Arje Nachman

2016 Superconductivity Program Review
10 Nov
Dr. Harold Weinstock

2016 Remote Sensing and Imaging Physics Portfolio Annual Review
2 Dec
Dr. Stacie Williams


2017 Annual Review of EM Contractors
10-12 Jan
Dr. Arje Nachman

2017 Review of MURI PT-Symmetric Optical Materials and Structures
15 Feb
Dr. Arje Nachman

2017 Annual Review of Theoretical NLO Contractors
8 March
Dr. Arje Nachman

2017 TTCP AG-2 Kickoff Meeting for Multimodality Information Fusion
13 March
Dr. Muralidhar Rangaswamy

2017 Annual Review for the AFOSR High Speed Aerodynamics Portfolio and the ONR Hypersonics Portfolio
24-27 July
Drs. Ivett A. Leyva and Knox Millsaps 

2017 Computational Mathematics Program Review
14-18 Aug
Dr. Jean-Luc Cambier

2017 Dynamic and Control Annual Program Review
11-14 Sept
Dr. Frederick Leve    


2018 Annual EM Contractor Review  
9-11 Jan.
Dr. Arje Nachman

2018 Annual NLO Contractor Review
7 Mar
Dr. Arje Nachman 

2018 Dynamics and Control Program Review
25-27 Sept
Dr. Frederick Leve   


2019 Electromagnetics Portfolio Annual Contractor Review (Word)
2019 Electromagnetics Portfolio Annual Contractor Review (PDF)
8-10 Jan.
Dr. Arje Nachman

2019 "Verifiable, Control-oriented Learning on the Fly" MURI Kickoff Meeting (Word)
2019 "Verifiable, Control-oriented Learning on the Fly" MURI Kickoff Meeting (PDF)
19 Feb.
Dr. Fred Leve

2019 Review of EM Portfolio Subarea Theoretical Nonlinear Optics (Word)
2019 Review of EM Portfolio Subarea Theoretical Nonlinear Optics (PDF)
6 Mar
Dr. Arje Nachman

2019 SOARD Program Review (Word)
2019 SOARD Program Review (PDF)
19-20 Mar
Dr. Geoff Andersen


2020 Annual EM Portfolio Review(Word)
07-09 Jan
Dr. Arje Nachman

2020 Dynamical Systems and Control Theory Program Review(Word)
2020 Dynamical Systems and Control Theory Program Review (PDF)
03-06 Aug
Dr. Fred Leve


2020 Annual EM PI Program Review(Word)
2021 Annual EM PI Program Review (PDF)
05-07 Jan
Dr. Arje Nachman                  

2021 Dynamical Systems and Control Theory Program Review (Word)
2021 Dynamical Systems and Control Theory Program Review (PDF)
20-22 Sept
Dr. Fred Leve     


2022 Dynamical Systems and Control Theory Program Review (Word)
2022 Dynamical Systems and Control Theory Program Review (PDF)
8-11 Sept
Dr. Fred Leve


2023 Electromagnetics Annual Portfolio Review (Word)
2023 Electromagnetics Annual Portfolio Review (PDF)
10-12 Jan 
Dr. Arje Nachman           

2023 Annual Review of Theoretical Nonlinear Optics (Word)
2023 Annual Review of Theoretical Nonlinear Optics (PDF)