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  • Air Force Airmen Developmental Special Experience (DSE) Catalog

    Opportunities for all Airmen! Developmental Special Experiences (DSEs) provide Air and Space Professionals opportunities to gain or enhance competencies. DSEs are hands-on experiences outside of formal training, established recurring opportunities,...
  • AU App now has COVID-19 Section

    See the COVID-19 button at the bottom of the AU App. There are a ton of resources and up to date information.
  • Is VR Fading Away?

    VR is waning as fast as 3DTV, but is that a sign of extinction? Cinema operator IMAX, which used $50 million in venture capital funding to open virtual reality arcades in cities from New York to Bangkok, shuttered all the locations after just two years...
  • AI - China, Russia and the Global Order

    A fascinating look at how AI is becoming a near-peer competitive issue. "US policymakers must prepare for the impacts of new artificial intelligence (AI)-related technologies" "The emerging digital liberal democracy in the United States...
  • Who Should Write Space Doctrine?

    Give your view and supporting arguments on what organization, entity, unit should author and update Space Doctrine.
  • Multi-Domain Command and Control-Maintaining Our Asymmetric Advantage

    In this article Multi-Domain C2 is explored with a NATO perspective. "If we are to maintain our advantage. Equally, if not more important, is investment in areas where capabilities of each domain is leveraged to create warfighting synergies and link...
  • ML Vs AI

    Machine Learning is teaching a machine to do something and Artificial Intelligence is the machine doing what it has been taught. Know the difference. Learn More.
  • Education Driving Massive Surge in AR/VR

    While hardware will be the biggest spending line for AR/VR, Lab and Field work in Higher Education institutions forecast will drive the compound annual growth rate in higher education to 183.4 percent. Its no wonder that AR/VR is taking off in education...