Vision and Mission


The vision of the CFBLNet is to provide the infrastructure of choice for international Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) research, development, trials, and assessment to explore, promote, and confirm Coalition/Combined capabilities for the participants.


The CFBLNet provides adaptable, flexible and secure infrastructure and services to support the conduct of both Classified and Unclassified trials and assessments of new and emerging C4ISR capabilities. The CFBLNet provides the network, and supporting management services, that interconnects the national R&D facilities, battle laboratories (or equivalent) and selected military venues involved in C4ISR experimentation. CFBLNet is not structured for Operations.

The CFBLNet is a mission driven organization formed to support:

  • The evaluation of combined C4ISR interoperability shortfalls.
  • The conduct of Initiatives to improve coalition information exchange capabilities, explore and experiment with emerging capabilities or to examine and resolve deficiencies in existing applications, systems or equipment.
  • The assessment and reporting on potential solutions through the utilization of agreed phased assessment procedures.
  • Improved combined CIS (communications and information systems) for the explicit purpose of promoting near term concepts and acceptance of solutions.
  • The exchange of information addressing interoperability assessments within coalitions.