Welcome to the FRON Information Site!

This is the landing page to find out more information about the Federal Records Officer Network (FRON).  The FRON membership consists of Federal Records Officers and those actively involved in the advancement of records and information management, in any size agency or branch of the United States government or military.*

For those who would like to join the FRON, first, go to APAN.org, look for the button in the upper right,   Create an Account  , to establish an account using your govt. email.  Once you are validated, search for, “Federal Records Officer Network,” and request membership. 

Once you’re in the FRON environment, select the tab, “New Members,” and follow the instructions to ensure you're set up with the appropriate profile and notifications.

If you have any questions, contact any of the FRON Leadership Team:

Ron Swecker, Securities and Exchange Commission – sweckerr@sec.gov

Laura Besong, Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys - laura.besong@usdoj.gov

Matthew Hebert, Department of Justice - matthew.hebert@usdoj.gov

Chris Magee, Western Area Power Administration - cmagee@wapa.gov

Susan Little, Health and Human Services - susan.little@hhs.gov

FRON APAN Sponsor:  Mr. Tommy W. Lee, Department of the Air Force  

*You must have a government or military email address to join.

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