List of Resources for People At Risk in Afghanistan

This list has been compiled with the information available to us at the time of publication and will be updated regularly as the situation in Afghanistan develops.

Although Asylum Access does not have an office in Afghanistan and we are not involved in the evacuations being carried out by foreign governments, we can provide you with a list of organizations that may be able to assist you.

If you are in Afghanistan and require immediate humanitarian assistance, you can contact the following organizations:

If you are worried about being targeted for opinions you have expressed online, read this guide from Human Rights First about protecting your online identity and erasing your digital footprint (in English, Dari and Pashto)

If you require information about seeking asylum in another country, please contact any of the following organizations:

If you require information about air evacuations, especially if you have worked for a foreign government in Afghanistan, please contact the following emergency hotlines:

  • French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Emergency Hotline: +33 1 53 59 11 10
  • *German Federal Foreign Office Emergency Hotline: / +49 (0) 30-1817-1000 / +49 (0) 30-5000-1000 (Further information)*
  • *US State Department Emergency Hotline: / +1-202-501-4444*
  • *Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada: *
  • *UK Ministry of Defence: / +93 (0)792 907 303 (Further information)*
  • *Netherlands Embassy in Kabul: / +31 24 724 7247*

If you require information about entering neighbouring countries, please contact the following embassies:

  • Embassy of Iran in Kabul*: / (+93) 20 210 1391 – 97*
  • Consulate of Iran in Herat*: / (+93) 40-220 013 / (+93) 40–225 821/0*
  • Embassy of Uzbekistan in Kabul: (+93) 20-250-04-31
  • Consulate of Uzbekistan in Mazar-i-Sharif: (+93) 50-200-27-13
  • *Indian Ministry of External Affairs Emergency Hotline: / +91 971 778 5379*
  • Embassy of Pakistan in Kabul: (+92) 322 280 7863 (Press counsellor for journalists and media staff seeking safety)

The information above has been provided to give you more information to make an informed decision about your options. Please feel free to share this information with others who may need it.