TRADOC G2 Newsletter January 2022

Please find our latest TRADOC G2 Newsletter.  This addition includes several products on Chinese and Russian doctrine.   It also highlights that we have completed 11 of 17 planned new courses on Joint ISR for distributed learning on JKO.  Finally, this edition includes our latest Operational Environment assessment which explores the impact of COVID-19 by presenting four potential post-pandemic futures.  

The attached document is UNCLASSIFED, approved for public release, and intended for mass dissemination. The hyperlinks or QR Code will take the user directly to the products located on our public sites, and only one video and the JKO classes requires a CAC.  We also understand that since our last newsletter in August many key positions have transitioned and emails have migrated, so please help us identify key changes required. 

 Our goal continues to make our content the most accessible to the force; providing resources to help unit leader development, training, and education (LDTE).  We welcome questions and feedback on these products or how TRADOC G2 can continue to support you in our mission to develop, describe, and deliver the operational environment.