TRADOC G2 Newsletter February 2022

This edition includes several new products to help automate, visualize, and interact with Chinese and Russian doctrine.  

Since the release of the ATP 7-100.3 Chinese Tactics in August 2021, we have been working and receiving feedback from numerous 

stakeholders in order to help bring this manual to life.  The "How They Fight Interactive Application" is in our initial release - MVP (Minimal

Viable Product), and we will continue to build upon this as we release new material (videos, tactical vignettes, and more).  In this Newsletter you

will also find an invitation to join us for our World Wide OPFOR Conference (28 February - 3 March), an introduction to our new DATE Blog site with

planned regular highlights on key features within DATE World, and some of our latest Mad Scientist posts. 

 Our goal continues to make our content the most accessible to the force; providing resources to help unit leader development, training, and education

(LDTE).  We welcome questions and feedback on these products or how TRADOC G2 can continue to support you in our mission to develop, describe, and

deliver the operational environment.