TRADOC G2 Newsletter February 2023

Please find our latest TRADOC G2 Newsletter.  This addition has a significant focus on the Russia-Ukraine Conflict, and highlights many new regular publications associated with this event. In this addition you will find our newly redesigned China and Russia Landing Zones. These sites are packed with links and resources ranging from collaborative observations of the ongoing Ukraine Conflict, China’s lessons on Ukraine, as well as training and doctrine resources to suit users at all echelons. In this Newsletter you will also find GCKN’s Running Estimate, which examines domestic reactions to the Russia/Ukraine conflict, particularly in the Global South, China, Turkey, Iran, and Africa. This issue also includes our latest Mad Scientist posts. 

The attached document is UNCLASSIFED, approved for public release, and intended for mass dissemination amongst your formations or other leaders. The hyperlinks or QR Code will take the user directly to the products located on our public sites without a CAC, except for a few of the sites on the Russia and China Landing Zones or the GCKN link to their PiX site.