Estimation of Technological Convergence by 2035 Final Report

The Mad Scientist Initiative is pleased to post the Estimation of Technological Convergence by 2035 Final Report, by Lt Col Nicholas Delcour (USAF), Lt Col Louis Duncan (USAF), Mr. Stephen Frahm (DOS), CDR Patrick Lancaster (USN), and Lt Col Lance Vann (USAF), under the direction of Prof. Kristan Wheaton, U.S. Army War College.

These Mad Scientist Fellows prepared this group Strategic Research Project as a partial requirement to complete their Master of Strategic Studies degrees from the United States Army War College. The research, analysis, and production of this product occurred over 24 weeks from October 2019 through March 2020 as part of the in-residence Army War College Senior Service College program. 

The Mad Scientist Fellows tackled the following question for their Strategic Research Project:

How, when, and where are artificial intelligence, biotechnology, quantum technology, nanotechnology, neurotechnology, autonomous technology, robotics, and information technology likely to converge in ways relevant to the United States Army over the next 15 years?


Estimation of Technology Convergence_US Army War College 11APR2020.pdf