Army Mad Scientist Writing Contest: Competition, Crisis, Conflict, and Change (Suspense: 15 Mar 21)

We are launching our Mad Scientist Writing Contest on the 4Cs: Competition, Crisis, Conflict, and Change to crowdsource the intellect of the Nation (i.e., You!) regarding:

How will our competitors deny the U.S. Joint Force’s tactical, operational, and strategic advantages to achieve their objectives (i.e., win without fighting) in the Competition and Crisis Phases?

How will our adversaries seek to overmatch or counter U.S. Joint Force strengths in future Large Scale Combat Operations?

Review our contest submission guidelines and additional writing prompts on our contest flyer (below), then get cracking brainstorming and crafting your innovative and insightful visions over the Holiday Season!  Deadline for submission is 15 March 2021.