>>>> CHECK IT OUT: The Operational Environment (2021-2030): Great Power Competition, Crisis, and Conflict

The U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) has approved and published The Operational Environment (2021-2030):  Great Power Competition, Crisis, and Conflict.  This document is intended to complement previously published Operational Environment (OE) documents, expanding and adding to our understanding of the OE in light of recent events -- think of it as an addendum. 

This document explores the impact of COVID-19 on the OE and presents four potential post-pandemic alternative futures to consider in terms of Competition, Crisis, and Conflict.  It addresses China as our designated Pacing Threat and Russia as a near-peer threat; and describes their respective efforts to modernize and challenge the Army's dominance in the land power domain as they endeavor to prevail in Competition, Crisis, and Conflict against the United States.  This document also explores the impact of Climate Change on the OE and the associated challenges and opportunities facing the Army. 

Additionally, it is aligned with, and informed by, the Joint Operating Environment 2040, the Interim National Security Strategy, and Chief of Staff of the Army (CSA) Papers

The Operational Environment (2021-2030).pdf