Holiday Season Reminder Number 1: Fall / Winter Writing Contest (S: 2359 EDT on 10 January 2022!)

Crowdsourcing is an effective tool for harvesting ideas, thoughts, and concepts from a wide variety of interested individuals, helping to diversify thought and challenge conventional assumptions. 

Army Mad Scientist seeks to crowdsource the intellect of the Nation (You!) with our Fall / Winter Writing Contest’s two themes -- Back to the Future and Divergence – check out the associated writing prompts in the blog post (see link below), then get busy crafting your submissions — entries will be accepted in two formats:
·  A written essay (no more than 1500 words, please!)
·  A tweet @ArmyMadSci using either #MadSciBacktotheFuture or #MadSciDivergence
We will pick a winner from each of these two formats!
Contest Winners will be proclaimed official Mad Scientists and be featured in the Mad Scientist Laboratory. Semi-finalists of merit will also be published! 
DEADLINE:  All entries should be submitted by eMail to: NLT 2359 EDT on 10 January 2022!
Any questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out -- send us an eMail at: