How China Fights blog post and podcast

The latest episode of #ArmyMadSci #ConvergencePodcast, with the next installment of our series on #HowTheyFight, features subject matter experts from the TRADOC G-2, Blue Path Labs, Center for New American Security (CNAS), CNA, and VAST-OSINT discussing #HowChinaFights, exploring how our pacing threat conducts intelligentized warfare, maneuver, fires, information operations, cyber, and more! 

China’s global ambitions and increasing assertiveness, combined with its warfighting modernization efforts spanning materiel, organization, training, and personnel capabilities will enable them to contest us across all domains in Competition, Crisis, and Conflict. 

Army / Joint Force implications include: 

1) China has completed extensive research and development in artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems and is now the United States’ most technologically sophisticated adversary -- they will use this technology to support drones across all military operations, including combat and logistical support;

2) China will leverage its AI proficiency in “intelligent warfare,” integrating machines in military decision making -- this strategy will shift warfare to the cyber and space domains and increase its emphasis on obtaining high-quality military data; and

3) China recently created its Strategic Support Force, integrating information warfare, space operations, and cyber activities – demonstrating their perception that these will be the decisive domains in future warfare. 

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