LIVE STREAM EVENT TUE 23 JULY: Dr. Tuomas Sandholm, the nation's top AI designer, for his discussion "Beyond Machine Learning"

Mad Scientist Community:  A great opportunity to tune in!

The TRADOC G-2 will host Dr. Tuomas Sandholm for a presentation on Superhuman AI for Strategic (=Game – Theoretic) Reasoning for the DoD; subtitle “Beyond Machine Learning”

Dr. Tuomas Sandholm, the nation's top AI designer. Game theoretic AI has broad applicability for the battlefield because most DoD planning, re-planning, and training settings are really multi-step imperfect – information games and should be treated in a sophisticated manner as such.  This will require computational game solving, which optimizes strategies for Blue and Red simultaneously.  Dr. Sandholm, Founder and President of Strategy Robot, Inc. will present the company’s approach and technology to meet this challenge.


Date:  Tuesday, 7/23/2019

Time:  1430 to 1600

Live streamed at


  • Hello, thanks so much for the post on this event.  We at MCBL Futures Branch look forward to tuning in.  Please clarify the time noted.  Is the session 1430 to 1600 Eastern?  Thank you.