Potential Game Changers

Please find attached our updated Potential Game Changers broadsheet, addressing key disruptive technologies impacting on the Operational Environment's Era of Accelerated Human Progress (now through 2035) and Era of Contested Equality (2035 through 2050).  This update incorporates input received during this year's Mad Scientist Conferences and from our extended Community of Action.  Thank you to all who contributed -- enjoy! 

  • Ian, what criteria do you use for identifying which emerging technologies most fit within the game changer categories for each of 2035 and 2050?

  • "Identifying potential game changers requires foresight and innovation. Whether in technology, business, or societal trends, these catalysts redefine norms and pave new paths. From breakthroughs in renewable energy that promise sustainability to advancements in AI reshaping industries, game changers inspire evolution. They challenge us to think beyond current paradigms, fostering environments where creativity and daring ideas thrive. Embracing these innovations empowers us to shape a future where possibilities are limitless."