USSOCOM Concept - Operating in the Human Domain (OHD)

Building on the vision of USSOCOM strategic guidance documents, the Operating in the Human Domain (OHD) Concept describes the mindset and approaches that are necessary to achieve strategic ends and create enduring effects in the current and future environment. The Human Domain consists of the people (individuals, groups, and populations) in the environment, including their perceptions, decision-making, and behavior. Success in the Human Domain depends on an understanding of, and competency in, the social, cultural, physical, informational, and psychological elements that influence human behavior.2 Operations in the Human Domain strengthen the resolve, commitment, and capability of partners; earn the support of neutral actors in the environment; and take away backing and assistance from adversaries. If successful in these efforts, Special Operations Forces (SOF) will gain military, political, and psychological advantages over their opponents. The OHD Concept integrates existing capabilities and disciplines into an updated and comprehensive approach that is applicable to all SOF core activities.

The OHD Concept is a SOF future concept. It describes how the force, using military art and science, may conduct operations and activities in response to a range of military challenges. Future concepts are not intended to be directive documents. They are meant to stimulate thought and discussion, while examining potential capability requirements to enhance SOF effectiveness. The OHD Concept supports Commander, USSOCOM priorities and helps realize the vision in the SOF Operating Concept. The OHD Concept provides input, from the USSOCOM perspective, for the Joint Concept for Human Aspects of Military Operations (HAMO), which is currently in development in collaboration with the Joint Staff, the Military Services, and other stakeholders, both internal and external to the Department of Defense.