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Operational Environment and the Future Character of War

Much of what the Army thinks about the future we learned through Mad Scientists; and is captured in the attached, which TRADOC wrote for the CSA (Chief of Staff of the Army). This paper is a zenith of five years of effort across the TRADOC G-2 OE Enterprise, particularly our monitoring and assessment of twelve key trends (see next page) and technological game changers added further to our body of knowledge for this paper.

The report describes the Operational Environment (OE):

-The first part of this paper describes how technology will impact how we live, create, think and prosper. We then use this description as a means to discuss mid-century warfare, and then to assess some of the key takeaways of our analysis for the Army, military, and the nation.

- We use this description to make an assessment on the OE and its implication on the future of warfare through 2050 and divided into two distinct time frames (which is viewed as a continuum) -The Era of Accelerated Human Progress, 2017-2035.

-The Era of Contested Equality, 2035-2050.