TTR Comp Vol 2 (2016)

TRADOC G-2 ACE Threats Integration (ACE-TI) is the source of the Threat Tactics Report (TTR) series of products. TTRs serve to explain to the Army training community how an actor fights. Elements that contribute to this understanding may include an actor’s doctrine, force structure, weapons and equipment, education, and warfighting functions. An explanation of an actor’s tactics and techniques is provided in detail along with recent examples of tactical actions, if they exist. An actor may be regular or irregular, and a TTR will have a discussion of what a particular actor’s capabilities mean to the US and its allies.

An important element of any TTR is the comparison of the real-world tactics to threat doctrinal concepts and terminology. A TTR will also identify where the conditions specific to the actor are present in the Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) and other training materials so that these conditions can easily be implemented across all training venues.

This compendium of Threat Tactics Reports, Volume 2, features the most current versions of three TTRs: Boko Haram (Version 1.0, published October 2015); Iran (Version 1.0, published June 2016); and Syria (Version 1.0, published February 2016). This volume also contains three recent Threat Action Reports (TARs): Al-Shabaab Janaale Attack (published December 2015); Battle for Sinjar, Iraq (published April 2016); and Pathankot, India, Airbase Attack (published May 2016). In addition, several articles from the Red Diamond monthly newsletter, ranging from threat doctrine to threat equipment, are included in this volume.

ACE-TI plans to publish two more TTRs later this year: Militant Groups Operating in Pakistan, and Hizballah. Each of these, once published, is eligible for update as appropriate so the product stays relevant.