TTR China September 2015


   • The United States (US) intelligence community classified China as a threat actor capable of challenging the US’s security interests in the Asia-Pacific region.
   • There a number of issues that would likely prompt China to use its military force to protect its national interests. 
      • These issues are: Taiwan, territorial disputes, and internal instability.
   • China has spent the past two decades modernizing its military forces.
      • Modernization efforts have included the acquisition of new technologies and weapon systems, updated training efforts, and revamped doctrine.
   • The People’s Liberation Army’s Army, China’s land forces, have focused modernization on its special purpose forces, amphibious, and aviation capabilities.
      • It has also procured more modern armor, artillery, and air defense systems.
   • The Chinese Army updated its tactics doctrine in 2009 to reflect the importance of the concept of informationization.
   • Chinese tactics can be replicated using the TC 7-100 series of threat doctrine.